Posted by: Kathy Temean | July 3, 2019

Book Giveaway: The Most Marvelous International Spelling Bee by Deborah Abela

Deborah Abela has a new middle grade book series. The Most Marvelous International Spelling Bee, published by Sourcebooks Jabberwocky is the second in this series. There is still time to leave a comment and get in the running for the first book. Here is the link:

Deborah has agreed to share a book with one lucky winner. All you have to do to get in the running is to leave a comment. Reblog, tweet, or talk about it on Facebook with a link and you will get additional chances to win. Just let me know the other things you do to share the good news, so I can put in the right amount of tickets in my basket for you.

Sharing on Facebook, Twitter, reblogging really helps spread the word for a new book. Thanks for helping Deborah!


A heartwarming story about a girl who is no longer afraid to follow her dreams, and the family who help make them happen.

India Wimple can spell with the best of them. How else would she have won the Stupendously Spectacular Spelling Bee and garnered an invitation to the Most Marvelous International Spelling Bee? India couldn’t be more thrilled to travel to London along with the rest of the Wimples. And at first, it seems like a dream come true; she reunites with her spelling bee friends, and they even get to meet the Queen!

She is reunited with her friends, Rajish and Summer, meets new spellers and is even invited to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen. But there is skulduggery afoot, with some rather mysterious goings-on going on and a series of accidents that seem to be not-so-accidental after all. India has her suspicions about who is behind the duplicitous demonstrations. But can she solve the mystery in time to save the competition?

India and her friends are determined to find out who the culprit is and get the spelling bee back on track.


It’s always a lovely moment in an author’s life, when a book they adored working on is so warmly received, that the publisher asks them to write a sequel. This is exactly what happened after the release of The Stupendously Spectacular Spelling Bee.

The trouble was, I had only planned to write one book about a spelling bee and I wasn’t sure what the second one would be about. How could I write another book about a bee, but still make it unique?

That was when two young readers raced up to me and told me how much they LOVED the first book and asked what the second one would be about. When I explained I didn’t know and asked them what they thought, they were quick to say, ‘why, the international spelling bee, of course!

And that was it! Thanks to Emma and Mia, I had my idea. My shy, brilliant young speller, who managed to control her nerves enough to sign up for the first bee, now finds herself invited to London, to a very posh hotel, to find the world’s best speller.

Trouble was, I needed something else. I needed an angle that would make the sequel different to the first but still have all the elements readers loved about the first. That’s when I had it. While they are in London, getting ready for the bee, we also meet two other new spellers who are facing their own hurdles. Peter is a bullied young boy who lives with his grandpa and single mum and Holly is the youngest daughter of a second marriage and is often ignored or simply spoken over. In the first book, India had to find her courage but in this book, her friendship and newfound confidence will now help others.

But I also wanted a chance for these new friends to join together, Musketeer style, to thwart an enemy. That’s when I decided to add some skulduggery. A series of accidents happen at the bee, which India thinks is not so accidental, and together they work to discover who is the culprit determined to ruin the bee.

There are new friends and old friends, lots of nerves, a visit to Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen and lots of mishaps and mayhem, as our heroes not only confront a common enemy, but also do their best to spell!


After completing a teaching degree, Deb went to Africa, where she was caught in a sandstorm, harassed by monkeys and thrown in jail twice! She produced and wrote a national kids’ TV show before leaving to write 26 children’s books, including the Max Remy Superspy (Spyforce in the US) and Jasper Zammit (Soccer Legend) series. Her crankiness about climate change led to the novels, Grimsdon, New City and Final Storm. Teresa A New Australian was inspired by her dad, who, with a million other refugees, sailed to Australia after surviving WW2. Her latest books are The Stupendously Spectacular Spelling Bee, The Most Marvelous International Spelling Bee and a picture book called, Wolfie, An Unlikely Hero, chosen by Dolly Parton to be part of her Imagination Library.

Deborah, thank you for sharing the second book in this series. This looks like another winner. Good luck with the books.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Thank you, Kathy. It was a real pleasure to chat! xo


  2. This sounds like another winner Deborah. I am sharing on FB, Twitter.


  3. Sound fascinating. I’m sharing on Twitter.


  4. I’d love this for one of my grandkids. I’ll tweet, FB, and pinterest this!


  5. Kathy, I am happy to tell you I shared this on FaceBook


  6. I love spelling bees and I love these illustrations!


  7. So fun! I misspelled legislature behind a mic in 1990 and… still hear about it. Oh well. What a cool idea!


  8. This looks like a very cute book. ❤


  9. I’m glad there are books about spelling bees! It’s hard to find schools that still participate in those. I loved spelling bees when I was younger. This book sounds like fun! Congratulations!


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