Posted by: Kathy Temean | June 30, 2019

Kudos – Book Reveal and Book Winners


Manju B. Howard won GOODNIGHT WIND by Linda Elovitz Marshall

Penny Taub won BUBBLE WRAP GIRL by by Kari van Wakeren

Maria Marshall won DOGS AND THEIR PEOPLE by Anne Lambelet

Kathy Mazurowski won Oink-Oink! Moo! Cock-a-Doodle-Doo! by Jennifer Sattler

Joyce Schriebman won HECTOR: A Boy, A Protest, and the Photograph that Changed Apartheid by Adrienne Wright

The Aunt Savant won BUTTERFLIES ON THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL by Annie Silvestro

Please send your address to kathy.temean(at) – PUT BOOK WINNER and the name of the book in the subject line. Thank you!



WISHES, DARES, AND HOW TO STAND UP TO A BULLY by Darlene Beck-Jacobson (Creston 2020):

Eleven year old Jack misses his Dad who is MIA in Vietnam. It’s been months since he and his family had word of his whereabouts. The last thing Jack wants to do is spend summer with his grandparents. Mom believes it will be good for them all – Jack, his sister Katy, Mom, Gran and Pops – to be together while they wait for word about Dad. Keeping busy will keep them out of trouble and help them think of other things.

Jack expects the worst summer of his life. The first summer without. Without Dad, without friends, without his room and all the things that remind him of Dad. When Jack meets a girl named Jill – a girl with a brother who makes trouble for both of them – things they believe are turned upside down. Welcome to a summer of fishing, camping, bullies, and a fish who grants wishes. A fish that could be the answer to Jack’s problem. But when Jill makes wishes of her own, things don’t turn out the way they expected.  Every wish has a consequence. Will the fish grant Jack’s biggest wish?  Will Jack be brave enough to ask?  

Congratulations! Darlene.


Charlotte Wenger has joined Prospect Agency as an agent. She was previously an associate editor at Page Street Kids. Here is a link to last year’s interview with Charlotte:

Louise Quayle has joined Audible as a director of acquisitions and content partnerships, reporting to Kristin Lang. Most recently she was senior acquisitions editor at Penguin Random House Audio.

Vicki Lame has been promoted to senior editor at St. Martin’s and Wednesday Books.

At Delacorte, Kelsey Horton has been promoted to editor; Monica Jean and Audrey Ingerson to associate editor; and Alexandra Hightower to assistant editor. At Random House Children’s, Stacey Sundar has joined as creative services administrator.

At Highlights Press: Michelle Budzilowicz and Marlo Scrimizzi were both promoted to senior editor, and Christy Thomas moved up to assistant editor.

Madeline Jones has been promoted to associate editor at Holt.

Stephanie Winter has been promoted to associate agent at P.S. Literary Agency.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Kudos to all the winners. Thanks, Kathy for allowing me to share my new middle grade book with the world.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kathy, Thanks for all the interviews and information you share with us! Linda Marshal, Thanks for giving me a copy of GOODNIGHT WIND! I will treasure your uniquely crafted picture book.

    Liked by 1 person

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