Posted by: Kathy Temean | April 21, 2019

Happy Easter

MARCIN POLUDNIAK: Featured on Illustrator Saturday.


nearly stopping traffic as he passes,
Two long ears are bouncing, bopping,
popping through the grasses.
Balancing his basket as he’s jumping through the air,
Such a grand, important, extraordinary hare!
Making children happy is the way he got his fame.
Now, kids across the land can shout:
The Easter bunny came!

Carol Murray

KAYLA HARREN: Featured on Illustrator Saturday.

KATE COSGROVE: Featured on Illustrator Saturday

MARIFE GONZALES: Being featured on Illustrator Saturday on April 27th.

NOEL ILL: Featured yesterday on Illustrator Saturday.

AMY SCHIMLER SAFFORDFeatured on Illustrator Saturday

LOUISE GARDNER: Featured on Illustrator Saturday.

LAURA LOGAN: Featured on Illustrator Saturday.

BRETT CURZON: Featured on Illustrator Saturday

KIM GATTO: Featured on Illustrator Saturday.

JACQUELINE EAST: Featured on Illustrator Saturday

DIANA DELOSH: Featured on Illustrator Saturday.

ROGER ROTH: Roger was featured on Illustrator Saturday.

OLGA LEVITSKIY: Olga was featured on Illustrator Saturday

HANS WILHELM: Featured on Illustrator Saturday

ANA OCHOA: Featured on Illustrator Saturday

LOUISE GARDNER: Featured on Illustator Saturday.

PENNY WEBER: Penny was featured on Illustrator Saturday.

SARAH BEISE: Featured on Illustrator Saturday

BARBARA SPURLL: Featured on Illustrator Saturday

TIM BOWERS: Featured on Illustrator Saturday.


LAURA HUGHES: Featured on Illustrator Saturday.


Talk tomorrow,




  1. Wonderful selection of works! Happy Easter to you, too!


  2. I love these! happy easter to you, too –


  3. So many adorable bunnies! Hope you’re enjoying the day.


  4. Such a cute post. Thanks. Happy Easter to you.


  5. All adorable! Happy Easter!


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