Posted by: Kathy Temean | April 15, 2019

Andrea Davis Pinkney Merit Scholarships for our MIDDLE GRADE MASTERY COURSE

The 2019 Andrea Davis Pinkney Merit Scholarships for The Children’s Book Academy


The 2019 Andrea Davis Pinkney Merit Scholarships for THE CHILDREN’S BOOK ACADEMY’S MIDDLE GRADE MASTERY COURSE are now OPEN FOR 2019!!!

The Children’s Book Academy had so much demand for a middle grade course with all the features that people have come to expect from the Academy, Hillary Homzie and Mira Reisberg created the ultra fabulous Middle Grade Mastery course starting May 13th, 2019.

Here are some of the things to expect:

  1. Insightful, inspiring, and empowering information
  2. Individual attention
  3. Golden Ticket skip the line submission opportunities
  4. Interviews with experts
  5. Weekly live critiquing webinars with guest editors and agents
  6. Help for students to improve their skills
  7. Provide publishing opportunities

And to sweeten the pot even more, they addedthe brilliant Rachael Stein, Sterling Children’s Books acquiring Editor to join the fun and help each student in this course.


Middle grade novels are in demand because they bring in more money for agents, writers, and publishers and are also more likely to be made into movies. They are critical in helping kids become lifelong readers and are lots of fun to write because they enable writers to go deep into their characters, language, and have more than one plot. If you are a picture book writer, writing a middle grade novel is about the equivalent of 6 picture books but with a much greater return. Don’t be nervous, the Children’s Book Academy promises to make it accessible, doable, and fun.

The Children’s Book Academy adores Andrea Davis Pinkney and are continuing to honor her with half and full scholarships for this awesome course! Wahoo!!!


Because the Children’s Book Academy supports WeNeedDiverseBooks and has supported this concept since Mira’s early publishing career with Children’s Book Press in early 1988, they have helped MANY diverse writers and illustrators publish. Consequently, the Academy is proud and excited to offer scholarships for writers and illustrators of color, those identifying as LBGQTI2 or having a disability currently underrepresented in the children’s publishing industry for their upcoming Interactive online Middle Grade Mastery e-Course starting May 13th, 2019!

These scholarships also include low income writers who might not otherwise be able to take this course. In addition, scholarships are available for SCBWI Regional Advisers, Assistant RAs and Illustrator Coordinators and children’s librarians who do so much unpaid work to help the kidlit field.

Please share this initiative for social justice with a link to this page.

 Part of CBA’s mission is to help increase diversity in the field to improve cultural representation so that it reflects the true make-up of the United States and help make a more just and loving world!

Scholarship Criteria:

  • Be a member of an ethnic minority, or identify as LGBQTI2, or identify as having a disability, or one of the other criteria listed above.
  • Be excited about making middle grade novels or chapter books and contributing to the field to help make a better world through these books whether it’s just by creating more delight or by skillfully and subtly integrating social justice themes in your work
  • All applicants must writea 40-60 word description of themselves, their background, and why they’d be a good candidate for this scholarship
  • Writers must compose an up-to 70-word descriptive pitch for the middle grade novel or chapter book that they’d like to work on during the course
  • Illustrators must include a link to their website
  • Include if you are already agented and/or published
  • Include how you will give back to both your fellow students and the Children’s Book Academy
  • Applicants please complete the short submission form here 

The Scholarship deadline is April 23rd 2019! So just click the link below to give it a go. You have nothing to lose.

Simply CLICK HERE to fill out the easy SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION form!!


This fairly recently created course, co-taught by editors Rachael Stein and Dr. Mira Reisberg and award-winning author Hillary Homzie, is already having a huge impact on student’s lives who are receiving multiple contract offers, publishing contracts, and rave reviews of published books. Along with tons of feedback, bonuses, training, and handholding, there are weekly agent and editor critiquing guests and multiple submission opportunities. There’s a reason that Children’s Book Academy students are reaching the 250 books published mark.

Talk tomorrow,


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