Posted by: Kathy Temean | March 5, 2019

Two April 1st Deadline Opportunies: What Cricket Media is looking for & Writer’s Digest/SCBWI PB Manuscript

Sorry for the delay with the results for the first Page critiques. Dawn Frederick needs a few additional days, so please stop back on Sunday. Thank you!

ILLUSTARTORS: Please send any of your illustrations I can show off for St. Patty’s Day. Thanks!

Cricket Media produces literary magazines for children of various ages – Babybug (for ages 6 months to 3 years), Ladybug (ages 3 to 6), Spider (ages 6 to 9), and Cricket (ages 9 to 14). The magazines have several themes coming up.

These magazines also accept nonfiction, poetry, and craft submissions.

For Cricket: Open for Business. “seeks contemporary and historical fiction, biographies, and nonfiction about earning money or starting an enterprise. Fictional stories might be set against the background of a child’s summer job or working in a family business; saving money for an important event; or family struggles with money. Nonfiction might focus on inventors and entrepreneurs, the Industrial Revolution and labor strife, or people with unusual jobs.”

For Cricket, Spider, and Ladybug:Indigenous Stories. For Cricket, Spider, and Ladybug: “heartfelt stories by and about indigenous peoples of North America, whether you identify as indigenous, Native American, First Nation, or another name. Tell us about special family moments, traditions continued or lost, life on or off a reservation, learning and growing up in the present or past, or an important moment in history.”

For Cricket and Spider: — Home for the Holidays. “contemporary and historical fiction, nonfiction, poetry, crafts, and recipes about the celebration or history of holidays around the world. We welcome well-told seasonal stories set against the background of major U.S. holidays, but we also have special interest in holidays and festivals celebrated in other parts of the world that may be less familiar to our young readers.”

For Spider: — Enchanted Forest. “stories, poems, short plays, and activities for the theme “Enchanted Forest.” Show us worlds of magic and wonder, full of unicorns, witches in the woods, mythical beasts, and fairytale castles. Give us a new version of the traditional fairytale cast—what if a princess, prince, knight, or villain did not want to follow the roles assigned to them? Fractured and contemporary fairytales welcome.”

For Ladybug: — A Part of it All. “short stories, retellings of folk tales, rebus stories, poems, action rhymes, nonfiction, and songs about young children participating in their communities. Welcoming new neighbors, harvesting a shared garden, celebrating a holiday—show us how small children can affect their neighborhoods. We’re interested in explorations of communities across the US and abroad.”

For Babybug: — Whatever the Weather. “stories, poems, action rhymes, and fingerplays about year-round outdoor play and exploration. What might a baby or toddler appreciate about the natural world in different seasons? Are there memorable games that can only be played at certain times of year?”

Deadline: 1 April 2019
Length: Various
Pay: Up to $0.25/word for prose, $3/line for poetry
Details here.


The Ann Whitford Paul—

Writer’s Digest Manuscript Award

The Ann Whitford Paul-Writer’s Digest Manuscript Award is an annual award given to a Most Promising Picture Book manuscript.

Are you an SCBWI member? Do you have a picture book not under contract and or haven’t sold a picture book in the last three years? If so, this maybe the opportunity for you.

Deadline: Submissions are open February 1, 2019 through April 1, 2019. Here is the link to read more:

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