Posted by: Kathy Temean | February 12, 2019

Agent Looking for Clients – DongWon Song

DongWon Song

Howard Morhaim Literary Agency

Fiction: Children’s, Fantasy, Graphic Novel, Horror, Science Fiction, Thriller, Young Adult
Non-Fiction: Cookbooks, Journalism, Pop Culture, Science

Contemporary horror/thriller focused on the experiences of POCs. We live harrowing lives and ones that see the world from a different angle. Film/tv has done a great job of catching up to representing those experiences. I want more of it in books.

YA fantasy that feels grounded in a contemporary setting and focuses on the lives of teens in highly relatable ways but with magical or speculative components. But not ones that feel urban fantasy. It’s a narrow window, I know.

Smart, savvy, adult thrillers with a literary voice and crossover appeal. Some speculative aspect is fine. Think Tana French or Lauren Beukes. No cops. No sexual violence. Women, PoC, other marginalized folk would be ideal.

Author/illustrator graphic novels for YA and MG. Something fluffy and with a good romance. I love found family stories and kids finding ways to resist corrupt power structures. A unique visual style and a distinct perspective is essential.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions should be emailed to

Please send an email to dongwon@morhaimliterary.comwith your query. Your query should include:

  • Title, word count, and genre
  • A brief pitch
  • Your bio
  • Ten sample pages pasted directly into the body of the email

Talk tomorrow,


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