Posted by: Kathy Temean | October 3, 2018

Avalon Writers Retreat

Last week was the Writer’s Retreat in Avalon, NJ. We had two separate sessions and everyone had a great time. This year people flew in from Canada, California, Michigan, Arizona, and Georgia. The editors and agents brought so much to the table. Each of the authors got a full manuscript critique from one of the industry professionals and a full manuscript critique by the other writers in their group, plus an additional 30 page critique from the other industry professional. There was time to work on the manuscript and additional time to run changes by the editor or agent. I thought you might like to see some of the pictures we took.

Back Deck View

Editor Rachael Stein (Sterling) Bridget Smith (Dunham Literary)

Candies from Canada brought by Orla

Kristin Brandt and Ann Finkelstein

Bridget Smith and Karen Haas

Jody Staton

Rosi Hollinbeck – Darlene Beck-Jacobson – Ann Finkelstein

A little swimming at the end of the day in a heated pool

Bridget Smith and Rachael Stein

Racael Stein – Darlene Beck-Jacobson – Ann Finkelstein – Bridget Smith – Kristin Brandt – Karen Haas – Jody Staton – Orla Collins

View of bay and other houses from back deck

Houses and boats on the Bay

Catherine Laudone (Editor Simon & Schuster) and Scott Treimel (Agent a and owner of Scott Treimel NY)

Dee Falvo revising

Dee Falvo on kitchen duty

Carol MacAllister – Sandra Steen – Scott Treimel – Catherine Laudone

Susan Amesse


Carol MacAllister

Catherine Laudone and Susan Steen

Susan Steen – Susan Amesse – Sharon James

Carol MacAllister

Scott Treimel

Bidding the sun and our time together farewell.

Hope you enjoyed the pictures!

Rosi Hollinbeck said, “I had a great time at the Avalon Writer’s Retreat. First, spending time talking writing with a small group of writers — some published, some close to publishing — who were willing to share ideas and knowledge, was a real treat. We also had an editor and agent there who were open to having their brains picked for all kinds of helpful information. Each of us received a full manuscript read for a novel by one of the professionals and a 30-page read by the other professional and a one-on-one meeting with each. We also had our entire manuscripts read by three other writers and met with them. The house in Avalon was lovely, the food and wine were terrific, and the company was great. I came away feeling inspired and empowered. Thanks, Kathy, for putting this together!”

Talk tomorrow,



  1. how wonderful!


  2. That looks wonderful!


  3. Every year I long to go on this retreat. LOVE seeing these pics and SO many familiar faces 😀 Jody’s sweatshirt is great and I can’t believe the Steen sisters were there! Everyone looks terrific and so happy!


  4. I second Rosi Hollenbeck’s assessment of the weekend. Brava Kathy for your hard work to make it all come together in such a wonderful way.


  5. You captured the retreat.


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