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TOR/FORGE IMPRINTS: Starscape and Tor Teen – Ali Fisher

Tor Books is the most successful science fiction and fantasy publisher in the world. Winner of the Locus Award for best SF publisher 20 years in a row, Tor regularly puts books like Robert Jordan’s Knife of Dreams and Terry Goodkind’s Chainfire atop national bestseller lists. Tor’s Orb imprint offers trade paperback editions of outstanding, award-winning SF and fantasy backlist titles. Additionally, the Tor Kids program includes Starscape, Tor Teen, and one of the largest classics lines in North America.

The Forge imprint publishes a wide range of fiction, including a strong line of historical novels and thrillers, plus mysteries, women’s fiction, and a variety of nonfiction titles. Tor/Forge has also become the leading modern publisher of American westerns.

About Starscape And Tor Teen Books

The richly imagined worlds of science fiction and fantasy novels encourage readers to hold a mirror up to their own realities, exploring them in a way that is secure yet challenging and demanding. Whether surviving in a complex alternate universe or navigating life on Earth in the presence of a strange new discovery, the characters in these works help readers realize what it truly means to be a human being. Starscape and Tor Teen strives to encourage such critical discoveries by making the very best science fiction and fantasy literature available to young readers, providing numerous unique universes through which young readers can travel on the critical journey to the center of their own identities.



Award winning science fiction and fantasy for middle grade readers ages 10 and up (grades 5 and up), published in hardcover and paperback. All titles are age- and theme-appropriate. Some editions include reader’s guides and other supplemental materials.

Tor Teen

Critically-acclaimed science fiction and fantasy for young adult readers ages 13 and up (grades 8 and up), published in hardcover and paperback. All titles are age- and theme-appropriate. Some editions include reader’s guides and other supplemental materials.

Please note that these guidelines are intended for writers who do not have agents.

Your submissions packet should include:

1. The first three chapters of your book, prepared in standard manuscript format on white paper. (If your chapters are really short or really long, or you don’t use chapter breaks, you may send the first 40-60 pages of your book, provided you stay under 10,000 words.) The submitted text must be made up of consecutive pages and should end at the end of a paragraph, not in mid-sentence.

Standard manuscript format means margins of at least 1 inch all the way around; indented paragraphs; double-spaced text; and Times New Roman in 12 pitch. Please use one side of the page only. Do not justify the text. Do not bind the manuscript in any way. Make sure the header of the ms. includes your name and/or the title of the book as well as the page number (on every page).

2. A synopsis of the entire book. The synopsis should include all important plot elements, especially the end of the story, as well as character development for your main characters. The synopsis should run between three and ten pages in standard manuscript format. The first page of the synopsis and the first page of the text should also include your name and contact information and the title of the manuscript.

3. A dated cover letter that includes your name and contact information and the title of the submitted work. Briefly tell us what genre or subgenre the submission falls into and mention any qualifications you have that pertain to the work. Please list any previous publications in paying markets.

4. A self-addressed, stamped, business-size envelope for our reply letter.  We understand that writers living outside the United States may not be able to supply International Reply Coupons. You may submit regardless; please send a self-addressed, business-size envelope for our reply. We recycle all proposals in accordance with corporate sustainability directives and local laws. If you do not include an SASE, you will not receive a reply.

Please send only one proposal in each submissions packet. If you have written a series, send a proposal for the first book only. If we like what we see, we’ll ask for the rest.

Many people include postcards to be returned when the proposal reaches us. Unfortunately, we don’t open submissions until we’re ready to read them, so it’s probably best to save your money.

Address submissions as follows:

* Science fiction and fantasy: Acquisitions Editor, Science Fiction and Fantasy

* Fiction of all other types including but not limited to general fiction, historical fiction, horror, mystery, paranormal, suspense/thriller, urban fantasy, and women’s fiction: Acquisitions Editor, Fiction

* Children’s and Young Adult: Acquisitions Editor, Children’s and Young Adult Division Note: We publish books for the chapter book, middle grade, and young adult audiences. We do not publish picture books.

If you do not receive a reply after six months, please resubmit. It’s likely that your project or our response disappeared in transit.

Don’t stop reading! Here are some tips to help the whole process work smoothly:

1. Don’t send a query letter. It’s practically impossible to judge a project from a query. We’d rather see your proposal.

2. Don’t send submissions or inquiries by email or fax. We do not respond to emailed or faxed submissions, queries, or inquiries about the status of submissions.

3. Don’t send disks. We want to read words in black type on white paper. And it’s not that we don’t trust you, but your system might have viruses you don’t know about.

4. Don’t send us the only copy of anything. Things get lost in transit.

5. Don’t send interior or cover art or an author photo. There’s time for that later, if we like your project.

6. Don’t send jewelry, food, toys, 3-dimensional representations of anything, or anything that might be construed as a bribe. Over the years, we’ve seen all of the following and more: handmade bracelets and earrings, anatomical models, home-baked cookies, fine fabrics, fancy bookmarks, coconuts, fancy manuscript boxes . . ..None of this has any impact on our consideration of your work. The work has to sink or swim on its own merits.

Send submissions to:

Tom Doherty Associates, LLC
175 Fifth Avenue
New York, NY 10010

How do I submit art to Tom Doherty Associates, LLC?

Our Art Directors will look at portfolios or artists interested in doing cover illustrations.

You may send tearsheets or prints or other examples of your work–do not send originals. Include an SASE for return. All materials are sent at your own risk.

If you are in the New York City area, you may drop off your portfolio at our office for review and return the next day to pick it up. The art department does not accept email submissions.

We are sorry, but we do not offer portfolio review for artists interested in doing interior illustrations.


Since 2013, I’ve been HEA with Tor/Forge Books where I’m actively acquiring speculative and reality-based fiction for teens and middle-grade readers as well as works of nonfiction for all ages.

For Tor Teen and Starscape: I’m interested in character-driven fantasy, near-future science fiction, and stories that straddle the thriller/horror border. In contemporary fiction I’m looking for untold stories featuring geek culture, alternative culture, and feminism. I’m particularly fond of speculative and secondary-world stories that reflect our current social and political climate. I’m eager for submissions featuring underrepresented and marginalized characters.

For Forge: I’m mostly interested in smart works of humor and fun, feminist, commercial nonfiction (think Jenny Lawson, Mary Roach).

I’m looking for provocative, atmospheric, and emotionally authentic stories and I’m a fan of whatever makes me laugh—crow’s feet for days over here—so I’d love to see anything told in a smart, funny voice. I’m a sucker for stories about journalism, surveillance, conspiracies, the occult, and best friendships.

Talk tomorrow,


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