Posted by: Kathy Temean | August 28, 2018

Agent Likes and Dislikes – Ali Herring


Ali joined Spencerhill in 2017 after moving back to Georgia from Connecticut, where she interned for a literary agency in the greater NYC metro area. A former magazine associate editor, Ali has a diverse background in communications and editing. She graduated valedictorian of her class at Berry College in 2001, where she obtained her bachelor’s degree in Journalism. Ali is excited to find new voices and build great relationships within the writing community.

She is seeking commercial YA and MG (esp. sci-fi, fantasy and adventure), romance, southern women’s fiction, and Christian/inspirational fiction – all with a marketable hook, captivating voice, fantastical world building and inventive plots. For MG: commercial MG with a humorous/witty voice, likable protags and awesome sidekicks; meaningful, realistic situations built around great plots (think Wonder); and uplifting, relatable, empowering stories for girls. She’s a voracious reader of sci-fi, but not a huge fan of superheroes, vampires (except for Edward), witches, erotica or anything overtly dark.

You can find her on Twitter: @HerringAli.Ali is always looking for great MG and YA in all categories. In Adult, she looks for sweet romance, science fiction, southern women’s fiction and inspirational fiction. She’s particularly interested in high-concept commercial fiction with a literary flair, and for the inspirational market, contemporary Christian romance (though she will look at all inspy romance regardless of time period).

She does NOT rep picture books, memoir, screen plays or non-fiction. She blogs on occasion at and host a Q&A, so visit and ask a question!

Kidlit/MG: I’d like to see the next great Box Car series for this generation. Middle grade fantasy with a commercial hook but literary writing. In MG, I love issue books, coming of age, dealing with grief, learning to love, but in fresh, complex ways (which means this doesn’t have to be a contemporary, could be done via fantasy, etc.). STEM-positive. Would love to see books for upper middle grade girls that aren’t all about the romance, yet aren’t childish either.

YA: Contemporary, fantasy, scifi, romance, I like it all. I tend to be a big fan of issue books, but I don’t want ALL issue books either! I love dystopian worlds but would like to see a fresh government or control system in place or none at all (everything feels very Hunger Games or Divergent). Would love to see a near-future dystopian where the world is not cleaned up and pretty. I want a sense of the horror but without tons of gore. Would love for their to be an interracial romance develop between two people who harbored prejudices against each other (either unknowingly or knowingly), but through circumstance and relying on each other, come to know who each other really are. And then of course, challenge that towards the end of the book! This plot has be very internal and external at the same time (think romantic suspense with a dystopian twist).

Romance: tropey fun romance, romantic suspense, category christian romance

Scifi: Science fiction with heart along the lines of Netflix’s Travelers. Sci-fi along the lines of Contact (maybe aliens hack our planet and make first contact). Would love to see a first-contact novel where desperate human-like aliens (who are only slightly more technologically advanced than us) come to earth. Half want to take over, and the other half want to integrate. Go from there…

Women’s Fiction: Particularly interested in southern women’s fiction.

She is NOT particularly interested in fairies of any sort, werewolves, shifters, vampires, or superheros though I reserve the right to be surprised. I have been before!

Fun facts about me:

I’m a mom of middle grade boy/girl twins and an elementary-aged bonus baby girl whom I unabashedly use as readers! I grew up on a hobby-farm in Georgia and spent 10 years in New York / Connecticut. If I’m out of the office, I’m probably at a travel baseball game.

Submission Guidelines

Please submit queries addressed to my attention via Spencerhill’s Query Manager site at Queries submitted via the company email address will not receive a reply unless it’s a request, so my preference and priority is Query Manager, so query there! Unfortunately, I cannot consider projects submitted via LinkedIn or to my email address without a referral or personal request.

Fiction: Action/Adventure, Children’s, Commercial, Fantasy, General, Literary, Middle Grade, Romance, Science Fiction, Women’s Fiction, Young Adult


Favorite sub-genres: Contemporary Inspirational Romance, Fantasy, Inspirational Fiction, Middle Grade, Romance, Romantic Suspense, Women’s Fiction, Young Adult, inspirational romantic suspense, science fiction

Talk tomorrow,


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