Posted by: Kathy Temean | August 9, 2018

FREE WORKINAR – August 11th

Sign Up Now For a FREE Workinar with Two Publishing Experts –
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Art Director Andrea Miller and Clear Fork Publishing/Spork Editor & Art Director Dr. Mira Reisberg.

Saturday August 11th at 10AM Pacific/1PM Eastern

So What’s A Workinar?

Watch the 45 second video below to find out and learn a little about what we’ll be doing in this
Special Training on Rhythm, Pacing & Page Turns for Both Picture Book Writers & Illustrators and then register below!!!

Rhythm: We’ll be looking at how the magical element of rhythm affects both writing and illustration to make your book sing!
Don’t forget to bring some paper and a pencil or pen for some fun exercises!

Pacing is a term that has been used for both writing and filmaking for a very long time. It’s how you lead the reader or viewer from the beginning to the end. But did you know that illustrators use pacing to amp up the emotion, hint at what’s to come and amp up the suspense? Writers also use specific techniques to pace their stories for the very same effects. Come learn how.

Page Turns are an important part of pacing. We’ll be exploring how skillful writers and illustrators practically force you to turn the page with suspenseful techniques that make you desperate to find out… What Happens Next?

You’ll have 1 week following the event to access all this goodness and then it will be a paid product. So jump on it and register now while you can!

Use This Link to Register:

Talk tomorrow,



  1. I signed up, and am guessing a link will be sent. If something prohibits me from attending live, will there be a replay?


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