Posted by: Kathy Temean | June 14, 2018

Opportunity: ABDO Publishing

ABDO is an established publisher of children’s books. They publish a great deal of educational books for children. Currently they are  looking for fictional manuscripts. These must contain educational content and should be focused on children between the ages of 4 and 12. You can get a good idea of what they publish by visiting their website and scanning through their catalog.

If you’ve got a great concept for a children’s fiction series (multiple fiction titles), send ABDO samples of your manuscripts or artwork.

We do not accept any submissions for nonfiction.

Email your submissions to the appropriate address below. If the incorrect email address is used, files may not be received for review.


Most of what they publish are not individual books but a series of books. So they prefer submissions to include the concept for a series and not just an individual book.

In order for your work to be considered for publication, send in a detailed outline of the manuscript and potential series, as well as introduction and two chapters. These two chapters don’t need to be the first two, they should be the two chapters that you consider to be the best.

If you are an illustrator submit three to five pieces that reflect your style and range. These can be hard copies or JPG images. Work will not be returned to you, unless you include a self addressed stamped envelope. Always make sure that everything you submit is a copy and not an original.

Make sure to include a cover letter that includes your particular skills and qualifications. You should also include your publishing history if you have any.

One of the few drawbacks of ABDO is that they do not personally respond to all submissions. If they reject your work they will not necessarily tell you unless you query. Do not query before six months has passed.

Submissions can be made via email or by post. Make sure when emailing to address your submission to the correct editor.

Editor: Candice Keimig – MG
Editor: Heidi Elston – MG and PB

Below are the imprints for higher grades:

Click this link to download both age group catalogs:

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