Posted by: Kathy Temean | June 6, 2018


Free Humor Workinar with children’s book editor Editor Amy Fitzgerald from Lerner, Kar-Ben, Darby Creek Publishing


A workinar is a really nerdy word that we made up. Is it kosher to do this? We don’t know but in this Postmodern world of hybrids, why not. A Workinar is a cross between a workshop and an instant access webinar complete with activities.

This one features the delightful editor Amy Fitzgerald sharing her thoughts on Humor in Children’s Books (in conversation with Dr. Mira Reisberg). Mira was so inspired by this conversation that she created a whole new outrageously fabulous course on Writing Humor for Kids, which will be released soon. If you’d like FREE access to this lovely Workinar with Amy and Mira – just click here  People seem to love it!


Amy is a trade editor at Carolrhoda Books / Carolrhoda Lab, the trade imprint of Lerner Publishing Group. She acquires and edits picture books, middle grade and young adult fiction. She love stories with girls/women/female-identifying-people who don’t fall apart the minute something complicated happens to them. She says, “I also hate the phrase “strong female lead” because I’m perverse and that’s reductive, dagnabbit. I love stories about witty kids and loves stories about friends who actually like and respect each other. Someday, somehow, I will find a YA romance about two people who actually like and respect each other while also respecting themselves–and who do something with their time other than like each other. But in the meantime I’ll settle for page-turning yarns about kids solving mysteries, going on missions, being themselves in a world that doesn’t make that easy, and tossing off brilliant one-liners.”

Talk tomorrow,


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