Posted by: Kathy Temean | April 30, 2018

Quirk Books

Quirk Books is headquartered on a quiet cobblestone street in the historic Old City district of Philadelphia. Quirk publishes just 25 books per year and every title is a labor of love. Some of our more popular recent titles include the bestselling YA series Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, the Edgar Award-winning mystery The Last Policeman, the legendary Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and classroom favorite William Shakespeare’s Star Wars — plus cookbooks, children’s books, art books, gag gifts, pop culture titles, and more. Our books are distributed worldwide by Penguin Random House.

Check out our Small Press Profile from the American Booksellers Association here.

Jhanteigh Kupihea will join Quirk Books as editorial director, starting May 21. She was most recently senior editor at Atria Books. Kupihea, who will split her time between New York and Quirk’s Philadelphia offices, says “It’s so rare to find a publisher that treats each book on their list like a beloved passion project while maintaining a strong commercial sensibility.” Quirk president and publisher Brett Cohen says: “Jhanteigh’s ability to conceptualize and create books across multiple genres and audiences is incredibly exciting. The breadth of her work, passion, creativity, and success at Atria makes her a natural fit for Quirk’s unique publishing program.”

  • Rick Chillot Senior Editor

    Rick has written and edited for magazines, books, newspapers, web sites, videos, gleepnorks and who knows what else. Topics range from health and wellness to science to true love to catastrophe to ghouls to that thing, you know what I’m talking about. He likes to write, draw, eat, and travel through time.

  • Blair Thornburgh Senior Editor

    A native Philadelphienne and apparent devotée of gendered demonyms, Blair Thornburgh makes a mean plate of scrambled eggs and a much friendlier cup of coffee. Her professional past has seen her at the helm of everything from a 35mm projector to a cantankerous tractor, so she’s glad to have all her fingers still intact for typing. She would love to talk to you about (or in) multiple dead languages. Hwæt!

    Rebecca Gyllenhaal Editorial Assistant

    Rebecca was raised by a family of historians in a castle-turned-museum, which explains a lot. After earning an English degree, she moved to Philadelphia to make her way in publishing. She has worked in marketing and publicity at Jessica Kingsley Publishers, read for the Adroit Journal, and participated in the Rittenhouse Writers’ Group, among other literary pastimes. At Quirk, Rebecca reviews submissions, edits, writes, and mans the front desk. At home, she does pretty much the same thing, albeit with a cat on her lap.

    Doogie Horner Art Director

    Doogie is the illustrator of the Quirk Books Kid Legends series, and author and illustrator of Everything Explained Through Flowcharts (Harper Collins 2010), 100 Ghosts (Quirk Books, 2013), and Some Very Interesting Cats Perhaps You Weren’t Aware of (Workman, 2015). His writing has also appeared in McSweeney’s, WiredPlayboyFast Companythe London Times, Boing Boing, and other publications.

    In addition to book stuff, Doogie also does comedy stuff. He is a frequent guest on Doug Loves Movies, and was a semi-finalist on America’s Got Talent, where he notably won over a hostile NYC crowd. His debut comedy album A Delicate Man was released by New Wave in 2016.


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