Posted by: Kathy Temean | March 28, 2018

Free Online Writing Workshop: Training

We would love for you to join us in this fabulous free workshop/training on Thursday April 5th where Kelly and I Go Over The Role and Importance Of All Three  Critical Elements Within the Ultra-Powerful Writer’s Trifecta: There are actually 4 – the fourth being language – but to do this justice, we narrowed it down to make a terrific trifecta, although we will be sharing some wonderful luscious language as part of it.

So here they are.

  • Character
  • Emotion
  • Action

And to support your learning, we’ll be doing some helpful workshop exercises that you’ll be invited to share with us!

Now, grab your pencils and notepads and get ready for fun and play in this extravagant free offering that we’ve developed just for you.


This is where it all begins. whether you are writing fiction or nonfiction  – your main character(s) or subject is key. We’ll show you how to start with this first critical element and then how to let it guide you through your writing.

You’ll learn from some great characters and nonfiction topic examples and then you’ll get to play in an exercise where you spiff up your characters or topics!


If the reader doesn’t feel for your character(s), or care for them or your subject, you have a dead story.

No one will want to read on. No one will empathize. No one will care. No one will be curious enough to want to find out more or even more importantly, desperately want to turn the page to find out… WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?

In this section you’ll be exploring your character’s feelings and fears as well as how you want your readers to feel about your subject or characters. Be prepared to evoke some emotions and make us care!


The famous educational theorist Paulo Freire once said something to the effect of words without action is just blah. Now he was referring to activism to help poor people and children around the world. But the same can be true of storytelling.

If you just have talking heads, and not much happening, your story will be as flat as a flounder. This is where plot or action comes into play. You want to engage your reader by making things happen. Things that connect to your characters or topics. Things that get your reader’s hearts beating or mind’s racing with excitement, fear, empathy, humor, or just plain curiosity or delight.

What kinds of things might these be? Just click on the image below to find out!

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