Posted by: Kathy Temean | February 19, 2018

Agent Looking for Clients – Kieryn Ziegler at DG&B


Kieryn Ziegler joined DG&B in 2017 as the assistant to Michael Bourret in the West Coast office. She grew up in central Pennsylvania and moved to LA to study at USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, where she graduated with a BFA in Writing for Screen & Television. She loves books about exciting new worlds, found families, fantastic female characters, and stories with diverse POVs — especially YA & MG. Aside from good books and good TV, she’s a big fan of dogs, road trips, and coffee shops with lots of outlets.

She’s seeking: Kieryn is accepting queries for all genres. In fiction, she especially loves books about exciting new worlds, found families, fantastic female characters, and stories with diverse POVs, and would love to see more LGBTQ+ characters in sci-fi and fantasy.

How to submit: Please send queries to, along with the first 25 pages (or nearest chapter break) of your manuscript.

DG&B Submission Guidelines



  • Do send your query letter via email, and include the full query in the body of the email, not as an attachment.
  • Do include a writing sample of the first 25 pages of your manuscript (fiction) or your proposal with sample chapter (nonfiction) in the body of the email below your query letter.
  • Do proofread carefully and double-space your materials if possible.
  • Do be sure to query only one agent at this agency. We will not review queries sent to more than one of us.
  • Do resend your query email if you haven’t heard from us in 8 weeks, noting the date previously sent. Our goal is to read and respond to every query in that time frame.



  • Don’t send attachments with a blank email or an incomplete query – we will not open them.
  • Don’t send materials as a shared file or download link (such as Dropbox or Google Docs). We will not open these files.
  • Don’t submit to more than one of us at once, whether in the same query or separate queries, or requery another agent here after getting a pass. We share queries with each other frequently, so a no from one is a no from all.
  • Don’t send a query for a novel until the manuscript is complete, polished and ready for review. We do not accept partial manuscripts for novels. Nonfiction can be queried with a proposal.
  • Don’t pitch projects or follow up on queries via social media. Pitches made via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc, will not be considered except as part of a planned pitch event.


Query Tips:

We like our unsolicited queries to be concise, well-written, and well-proofed, and as devoid of gimmicks as possible. Here’s what to include:

  • A professional, personalized greeting.
  • A mention in the first paragraph of why you’re querying us: you admire a client’s work, you met us at a conference, you read a great interview, etc. Be brief and specific!
  • Key stats for your project: title, genre, word count, and comp titles or authors.
  • Your pitch: a paragraph or two summarizing your novel or nonfiction project that will hook us on your work. For fiction, please include genre, word count, and comp titles.
  • Your bio or credentials: your expertise in the topic, your previous publication credits, your social media platform.

See our FAQ section for more information on a strong query and what to expect when you’ve queried.

Talk tomorrow,


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