Posted by: Kathy Temean | January 10, 2018

Best of 2017 Writing and Illustrating Articles

I want to wish everyone a wonderful, fruitful 2018 and thank you for spending your time with me. I hope Rafael López illustration below titled, Possibilities will help set the stage for you in 2018. Rafael was featured on Illustrator Saturday.

How To Prepare For A Conference

How To Deal With Writers Block

Query Tips

Critique vs. Edit

Antagonist vs. Villain

The Joys and Anxieties of Getting Critiqued

Creative Momentum

Local vs. National Publishers – Traditional Art vs. Digital

Preparing Your Synopsis: Questions–Format–Checklist

Showing Book Dummies Protocol

How Publisher Catalogs Can Help With Query Letters

List of How Do Books

The Query Letter’s First Line

5 Tips for Conference Attendees

Artist Rep vs Literary Agent for Book Illustrators

Critique Groups

14 Keys to Revising Your Manuscript

The Value of Black and White Illustrations

Make A Scene – The TADA Method

Illustrating Compensation

Why Poetry

Getting the Most From A Conference Critique

More Illustrating Pricing Information

Historical Research

Additional Pricing and Royality info for Illustrators

Write What You Know

Formatting Your Manuscript

Illustrator Work For Hire – Full Time Work

When Is A Manuscript Ready?

Illustrators: Publishers Visits

Keeping the Momentum

The above illustration was created by David Szalay. I chose to share it, since I agree with Mary –  something is brewing and ’bout to begin for all of you in 2018. David was featured on Illustrator Saturday.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Wonderful advice here–especially as I polish up my query letter to submit to agents. Thank you!


  2. Thank you for compiling these terrific resources, Kathy! Happy 2018 to you!


  3. I love the illustration and caption! Maybe something is brewing in 2018! Thanks, too, for the list of great info.


  4. I love both these illustrations! And thanks for the great resource list, Kathy.


  5. Kathy, you put up the BEST info! Thank you 😀


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