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ILLUSTRATOR SATURDAY: Giveaway Opportunities From Three Illustrators Win Print – Calendar and Greeting Cards


All you have to do to get in the running is to leave a comment. Reblog, tweet, or talk about it on Facebook with a link and you will get additional chances to win. Just let me know the other things you did to share the good news, so I can put in the right amount of tickets in my basket for you. Check back to discover the winner.

2018 Animal Fair Calendar

2018 Animal Fair Calendar features a parade of 12 whimsical ink and watercolor animal illustrations created over the years. Some of the animals are fully dressed while others are not. All illustrations are © Diana Ting Delosh.


Diana contracted the art bug at the age of 2 when she nibbled her way through her first box of crayons. She has been doodling away ever since. Currently she’s having fun with hand lettering and inking with a brush instead of her trusty double zero radiograph pen. In between commissions, she likes to work on her personal illustration projects or Twitter art challenges which may end up in her calendars or on her greeting cards and other products. Diana was featured on Illustrator Saturday.

Gift Store:*


8.5×11” print of my Patient Panda illustration by MIKE CICCOTELLO


Mike received a BFA with a concentration in painting from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. He has fourteen years experience in broadcast motion graphics, working at CNN and Fox Business Network. Currently, he is the Art and Design Director at Telos Corporation. His art has been featured on, CNN,, Artists & Makers Magazine, and Industry Magazine. He has exhibited at Johnson & Johnson Headquarters and the NY Design Center. He is an active member of SCBWICBIG, Drawn to Picture Books, and a contributing member of

Mike was featured on Illustrator Saturday

Instagram: @ciccotello
Twitter: @ciccotello
Facebook: The Art of Mike Ciccotello


Doris Ettlinger is offering a gift box of 8 assorted dogs with a bonus card of a 9th dog.

Dutch, a Whippety-Poo, is wearing his Executive Order Ear Protectors. His primary interest is FOOD, not politics. “Why can’t we all just get along. And eat.”

Lily is the mascot at Cornell & Co., my agent. She is very expressive and a good listener. I imagined her wearing a fascinator, because she is fascinated by everything Merial has to say. Lily likes to dress up.

Luna, a Bernese Mountain dog, who was recently featured on The Dogist instagram feed. Luna is unusual for having one brown eye and one blue. As well as for wearing a stylish hat. 

Pepper lives with Lisa Falkenstern and 4 German Shepherds, so sometimes he has to compensate for his short stature. He’s wearing a Steampunk bowler as a reference to Lisa’s book, Professor Whiskerton Presents Steampunk ABC.

This is my childhood Bassett Hound Angus MacDuff. One summer my brother brought a squirrel monkey home from college. Samson would ride Angus like an elephant. Angus was remarkably tolerant.

Our 12 year old Lab mix, Bruce Wayne, sporting my rabbit-lined Mad Bomber Hat. The image is completely made up, because I don’t let him near this hat. He’d like to add it to his basket of stuffed woodland critters. Bruce is a rescue dog born to a Basset Hound mother, and found under a handicap ramp somewhere near Atlanta. 

Racy is mostly German Shepherd. She enjoys a dip in the pool, especially in hot weather.

If you mix dachshund and Pekingese with a pinch of Chihuahua, you might end up with Toby. Toby may be small but he has the heart of a lion.


As a bonus I will include a ninth card.

Mona did not join the march today, but she’s wearing a pussy hat to show her solidarity with the females made of sterner stuff who did. Mona is a 5 lb. Chihuahua who prefers to sit in front of the electric faux fireplace or bury herself in a blanket.

Why dogs in hats? In 2002 I painted this illustration of my Cardigan Welsh Corgi, Margaret (RIP). My mother-in-law was living with us at the time. She couldn’t remember what the dog was called, so everyday she used a different name. I imagined a different hat for each name.

This led to a children’s book idea involving an elderly milliner & a community of people who no longer wore hats. My manuscript and dummy made the rounds at several NJSCBWI and CBIG events with no happy ending. But one art director loved the drawings of Margaret. She said, “Lose the people. Just do dogs in hats!”

So between illustration jobs this year I decided to follow her advice. No story. No people. Just dogs in hats.

Sketches from Miss Millie’s Many Hats.



Notecards and matted prints are available in my Etsy shop (link below).


Doris Ettlinger graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design and received an MFA from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.  She has been illustrating ever since. Doris has illustrated over 25 picture books. She was featured on Illustrator Saturday.

Thank you Diana, Mike, and Doris for give us this opportunity.

Talk tomorrow,



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  12. Hey Doris! The DOGS IN HATS are to become famous? I love the story that goes with them. ~Sue Ann


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