Posted by: Kathy Temean | June 4, 2017

Kudos: Karzai – Cohen – Ventresca + Book Winners

Patricia Keeler (iloveskypony) is the winner of Grace Hopper: Queen of Computer Code by Laurie Wallmark

Claire Bobrow is the winner of Chicken Story Time by Sandy Asher

Congrats to Marina Cohen on her new deal!

A huge congrats to INN BETWEEN and THE DOLL’S EYE author Marina Cohen on her latest deal with Roaring Brook Press!

Emily Feinberg at Roaring Brook Press has bought world rights to Marina Cohen’s middle-grade fantasy Box of Bones. When 12-year-old Kallie opens a mysterious puzzle box, her life begins to entangle with another world, where Liah, a young bone carver, journeys with her master to sell wares to a Wicked Queen. Publication is scheduled for winter 2019; John M. Cusick of Folio Jr./Folio Literary Management brokered the deal.

Check out Marina Cohen online and on twitter.

Congratulations to Amal Karzai for winning The Martha Weston Grant. The Grant is for illustrators and authors interested in switching genres.

Amal says, “I have a huge interest in historical fiction and dove into it after listening to a radio program about WWI female fighter pilots. One in particular was Marie Marvingt, also a surgical nurse and intense athlete she became the impetus for my thesis project. Most of my work is in educational publishing  producing books for (ESL) English as second language readers. I get immense satisfaction knowing that kids are learning a new language through imagery that I have helped create. However, it often means that I illustrate in snippets, with text being split up among several illustrators I often don’t have the advantage of a whole story.”

I have been squeezing in time to return to Marie Marvingt, but my paintings of historical characters are large and more realistic than the illustrations I paint for ESL work. They require additional time and attention to detail through research and use of models. I am preparing an entirely new portfolio along with my book dummy for “Propel” and after reviewing the list of attendees who will be at SCBWI LA conference I know that the experience and information I gain from attending, and sharing my work will be invaluable.”

The award was granted to Amal after the judges reviewed the illustrations at:  Below is one of Amal’s illustrations:

Congratulations Yvonne Ventresca for winning the IPPY Award for Best YA Novel. This year’s contest drew 5,000 entries from 49 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, 7 Canadian provinces, 7 Australian territories, and 29 other countries around the world. Winning books represent 43 U.S. states and D.C., all 7 of the Canadian provinces, 6 of the Australian territories, and 15 other countries. The IPPYs truly are a world-wide phenomenon!

Talk tomorrow,



  1. I always enjoy reading your posts. Thank you so much. I am also so excited for new friend and colleague Amal Karzai. I knew she had been awarded the Weston grant but it was so interesting to read from you her quote about her new project as a result of this. All the best!


  2. I won something?! Hooray!! I’m so excited about Chicken Story Time – thank you very much 🙂


  3. * Applause all around *


  4. Wow, this is one packed post, Kathy! Congrats to all! 😀 And I’m happy to say I got a nice, crisp, signed copy of Yvonne’s BLACK FLOWERS, WHITE LIES at the NJSCBWI Conference this weekend 😀 It’s always so good to see everyone ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Congratulations to everyone on their winnings!


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