Posted by: Kathy Temean | March 19, 2017

Agent Looking for Clients – Amanda Barnett

CORRECTION: The Free Webinar “7 Things Every KidLit Writer Must Do To Succeed (No Matter What Your Genre)” that was supposed to happen last Saturday was changed to this coming Saturday, so you still have time to sign up.

Amanda Ayers Barnett began her publishing career 20 years ago, fresh out of Middlebury College and the Radcliffe Publishing Course. She has worn many hats—Publicity Assistant at Random House, Associate Editor at Pocket Books, Acquisitions Editor at Publishing, freelance book editor for New York Book Editors—all of which have given her extensive and valuable experience. She is thrilled to add Literary Agent to these titles, and to join the Donaghy Literary Group.

While she has worked on a variety of different genres throughout her career, Amanda especially loves mystery/thrillers and middle grade, young adult, new adult and women’s fiction. She enjoys coming of age novels and precocious main characters. But more than anything, she loves an intriguing and well-written story. With a strong, bordering on obsessive, attention to detail, she is especially excited to work closely with authors and help them develop into amazing storytellers.

When she isn’t working, Amanda can be found in the bleachers of one of her three sons’ numerous sporting events.

Amanda’s client list:  Scott Taft, J.C. Dillard, Maya Creedman and Leoni Kelsall.

Amanda’s Wish list

Middle grade fiction
Young adult fiction
New adult fiction
Women’s fiction

  1. Submit to Amanda on her bio page by clicking on the  blue Submit A Query button that is placed directly under her picture.
  2. The Submit A Query button will take you to a form, this form is user-friendly and has been set-up according to each agent’s specific preferences.
  3. After completing and submitting the query form, you should receive a link via email from the QueryManager database system that will allow you to check the status of your submission.
  4. Submit to only one agent at a time, as we often refer queries internally that might  be a better fit for the other agent’s list.
  5. Be patient, while we review your query or requested manuscript.  We work hard to meet our clients needs first and equally as hard to find the “gems” in our query and manuscript queues.  Waiting isn’t easy, but it is necessary.​
  6. We respond to all queries and requested manuscripts.  If you haven’t heard back on a query after 12 weeks resubmit.  Manuscripts take longer  often 4-6 months.  If you have not heard back on your manuscript please email the requesting agent directly at the 6-month mark.  The QueryManager System will allow you to notify agents of offers through the system database.
  7. If you receive a pass from one agent this is a pass for all.

Talk tomorrow,


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