Posted by: Kathy Temean | March 8, 2017

Agent Looking for Clients – Ed Maxwell

Associate agent Ed Maxwell joined Greenburger Associates in 2011. Previously, he interned in various political offices on Capitol Hill and in New York. Ed graduated from New York University with a degree in History. Starting as the assistant to Faith Hamlin, he distinguished himself as a close reader with an eclectic range. In addition to agenting on his own, he continues to co-agent certain titles and authors while assisting Faith in managing her list.

Ed is seeking expert and narrative non-fiction authors, novelists and graphic novelists, as well as children’s book authors and illustrators. His aim as a literary agent is to help authors grow their intellectual properties into compelling books. He is especially interested in working with authors who may publish across different genres and formats—scholarly and trade—over the course of their careers. Ed believes in popular media as a living cultural record and hopes to connect with authors of diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and voices.


Please email your submission to under the subject line, “QUERY: [Project Title]” —include a query letter in the body of the email and attach a proposal or a sample from your project (at most 40 pages). Ed is not considering submissions via paper mail. Due to the volume of submissions, Ed is unable to respond personally to each individual query. If you do not hear back within eight weeks of your initial query, it means that he is declining the opportunity to represent your work.

Talk tomorrow,




  1. What is Ed’s email address?


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