Posted by: Kathy Temean | March 6, 2017

Random House Digital Imprints

random-house-logoLoveswept and Flirt are Random House’s* digital-only  imprints focused on romance and women’s fiction titles. More consumers are reading eBooks than ever before, and we’re looking to the future and seeking to partner with the most forward-thinking and up-and coming authors to introduce them to an avid new audience of digital readers. Our digital program is centered around your brand, focused on building you as an author and introducing you to romance readers everywhere.

Our program is managed with the same attention given to all of our other imprints within Random House. Every book will be assigned to an accomplished Random House editor and a dedicated marketer and publicist. Not only will authors benefit from working with the finest cover designers to ensure irresistibly eye-catching books, but they will also be offered the unique advantage of social media tools and training that will allow them to connect directly with their readers.

Every title will be available for purchase at major eRetailers and will be compatible with all reading devices.



1. DO I NEED TO HAVE AN AGENT? We do not require an agent to submit.
2. CAN I SEND MORE THAN ONE MANUSCRIPT?  You may present any manuscript in which you control exclusive copyright. We are also open to previously published manuscripts as long as the submitting author controls all electronic and print publishing rights.
3.  CAN I SUBMIT TO LOVESWEPT AND FLIRT EVEN IF I ALREADY PUBLISH ELSEWHERE?  Yes, we accept submissions from authors who have published and continue to publish elsewhere.
*a division of Penguin Random House

Loveswept, and Flirt invite queries for submissions in all the sub-genres of romance including: contemporary romance, erotica, historical romance, women’s fiction, and new adult. There is no strict word count limit for submissions. We are interested in full-length works (40,000 words or more). For more information and to send us your queries and submissions, please visit

Use this link and scroll down for submission form:

Four Random House Digital Imprints


Alibi, an e-originals imprint from Random House, specializing in mystery and thrillers. Click here to read submission process and guidelines.

Follow us on Twitter @Lit_Flash

Visit us at


Flirt, an e-originals imprint from Random House, focusing on provocative, edgy, and compelling New Adult romances. Click here to read submission process and guidelines.

Follow us on Twitter @readloveswept

Visit us at


Hydra, an e-originals imprint from  Random House, specializing in science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Click here to read submission process and guidelines.

Follow us on Twitter @DelReyBooks

Visit us at


Loveswept, an e-originals imprint from Random House, focusing on passionate, heartfelt romances spanning all genres from historical to contemporary romance. Click here to read submission process and guidelines.

Follow us on Twitter @readloveswept

Visit us at

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