Posted by: Kathy Temean | October 6, 2016

Avalon Writer’s Retreat Report


This is where we stayed.

This writer’s retreat gets better every year. This year we had two sessions. The first session agents were Christa Heschke from McIntosh and Otis and Kurestin Armada from PS Literary. If you don’t know them, you would love them if you met. They were so helpful, had great comments and ideas, and were very generous with their time.


Everyone who attended used the time they had to listen and started revising right away. The quality of the writing was high. Even the first pages were good. I expect to hear great things from all of them.

As you can see from the picture below the weather was nice, so Karen Belli, Marilyn Ostermiller, and I walked to the beach for a stroll where we talked books, manuscripts, and got to know each other better.

Unfortunately, the weather didn’t hold up for the second group, but the rain forced us to stay focused on working on our manuscripts. I can not give names, yet, but one manuscript was sent to an editor while we were there. Three other people were told by an agent that he/she wanted to work with them and represent their book after their revision. There were a lot of smiling faces by the end of the week.


I could kick myself for getting so involved in the retreat that I forgot to take more pictures in the first session. If anyone took some pictures, please share. 


The editors for the second session were Scott Treimel from the Scott Treimel NY Agency and Jaida Temperly from New Leaf Literary. They were fabulous. If you haven’t met Jaida, go out of your way to meet her, she is so smart, nice, and cute. And I can never say enough about Scott. He give 150%+


Here is Angela Larson and Kathleen Bakos discussing their manuscripts. Both have attended the Avalon Writer’s Retreat in previous years.


Here is Sharon James and Dee Falvo printing new pages for their manuscripts. Both are regular attendees and it shows in their writing.


Here’s Sharon and Angela preparing dinner. Both are wonderful cooks.


The food was great!


This is Patricia Alcaro looking at the schedule. She writes picture books. You can see Scott Treimel working on line edits with another writer.


Here’s Scott licking the chocolate frosted spoon. Sharon made a birthday cake for him and Angela made the yummy icing. I wish I had taken a picture of Scott blowing out the candles.


Again Kathleen and Angela. I apologize to everyone else for not snapping a picture for this post.

Perhaps I will see you next fall. Put it on your “To do” list.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Looks wonderful! Adding it to my wish list!


  2. The second session was the very best retreat I’ve ever attended. There is no writers conference or writer group to compare to this level of organization and intensity with such a like minded group. Our two literary agents, Scott Treimel, a seasoned, erudite, enthusiastic New York pro, and Jaida Temporly, insightful, analytical and charming both worked non stop to push our manuscripts upward and onward.
    All this we owe to the irascible, unstoppable and generous efforts of Kathy Temean. Thank you so much Kathy!


  3. I have to agree that this was the very best writing retreat I have ever attended. I was fortunate to be in the first session with an excellent group of professionals. The agents, Kurestin and Christa were very enthusiastic about being with us and provided expert guidance on revising and polishing our manuscripts. As writers, we meshed beautifully and hope to continue to connect. Our thanks to Kathy, who always gives her all, to support, encourage and make publishing connections for us. Thank you to all. Karen B.


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