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Take A Look Sunday – Kris Tsang



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Nicole and Jeremy Tugeau are the agent/owners behind the T2 Team. They are ecstatic about their ever-growing agency, and they are committed to working hard for the network of illustrators who surround them. Nicole heads up the agency on a day-to-day basis.

What she enjoys most about being an Agent is the partnership-making, the relationships and of course the success stories. Jeremy is a long-time children’s illustrator, and he continues to work as an artist in this field while maintaining some involvement with T2 Illustrators as a creative resource and promotional guru.


Kris Tsang has put forth three lively, illustrated spreads from a work in progress.

The character, Prince Bunny, is something of a single-minded, stubborn little fellow!  In the first spread, consisting of three illustrated vignettes, Prince Bunny is given a red toy bus he doesn’t want.  He wants an airplane!  The expressions on these characters are really hilarious.  I particularly like Prince Bunny in the act of throwing a full on wheelie as Grandpa Bunny passes out.  If only  I had the power to do this (pass out) when any one of my kids threw a fit!  Love it.  The colors are engaging and impactful as well.


While I’m able to sequence together the events in this first spread, I think it’s imperative that the pictures tell an accurate and specific story. Kids have a tendency to be very literal. So it occurs to me that the gift box that the bus came in should be to size.  And to further and deepen the story perhaps we should see the torn wrapping of the blue gift in the picture where Prince Bunny is throwing the bus and wailing. The little picture of Prince Bunny tearing out of the room/space (bottom right) is very cute.  It’s not to size, but maybe it acts as a page turning gaff if it’s used on every page.


In the second spread, I enjoy the repetition of Prince Bunny at left and center. It works effectively to show his trek. I suggest watching placement of the middle Prince Bunny because he appears to be yelling into the gutter of the book  The repeated speech bubble with the airplane coming from Prince Bunny is also very effective. He looks positively unreasonable, so we can understand why the animals rebuff him!  The animals here are fun and imaginative. I enjoy the textures and the sheep, particularly. My advice is to pay attention the application of the colored pencil. In some areas, like the sheep’s nose (it looks better in spread 3), the application is uneven and distracting in that it works to pull us out of the encounter which is quite entertaining!


I think that the airplane, now removed form the speech bubble and x’d out is spread three, can stand to be reworked. The black lines pull me out of what is important in the spread, the interaction of the characters. It’s also not clear whether the symbol represents what the wild animals are saying or what Prince Bunny is interpreting they are saying (or gesturing as the case may be). It’s ‘up in the air’ quite literally! I encourage the author to imagine a tactic that is more integrated and consistent with the previous spreads. Again, watch Prince Bunny in the gutter.  The expressions in this piece are priceless!

Overall, this is a wonderful start to an entertaining journey.  More details, consistency, and clarity will add depth and dimension to the project.  Thank you for this opportunity to review your work, Kris!

Thank you Nicole for sharing your thoughts and expertise with us. I look forward to next Sunday.

Kris Tsang’s Bio

Kris Tsang is a self-taught freelance cartoonist, illustrator and painter.  Her naive style is unmistakable.  Simply drawn yet widely humorous, her perfectly expressive animals (and some humans) combining childlike sweetness with adult humor easily cheer little ones and big ones up.  Kris was born and lives in Hong Kong.

Kris’s artwork can be found at,, or


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