Posted by: Kathy Temean | August 15, 2016

Free Children’s Writers and Illustrators Webinar

Mira Webinar3-friends-2

On Wednesday August 24th 2016 at 5.30PM PDT / 8.30PM Eastern

Join Brilliant Knopf/Random House Editor Julia Maguire, who acquires and works with both writers and illustrators (and writer/illustrators) and Dr. Mira Reisberg award-winning creative, Director of the Children’s Book Academy, and former literary agent, AKA The Picture Book Whisperer, and recently named the Fairy Godmother, co-teachers of the extraordinary upcoming interactive e-course, The Craft and Business of Illustrating Children’s Books for a fun, FREE, and super informative webinar/workshop with lots of insider information on the different kinds of picture books that are selling as we explore…

“Pick your Niche: What Kind of Picture Book Writer or Illustrator Are You & How Can You Improve?

Do you like writing or illustrating: Dark Humor, Light Humor, Sweet Stories or Art, Quirky, Soulful, Character Driven, Nonfiction, Conceptual or a Combination? Find out about each of these to claim your own creative adventure/workshop in this interactive webinar with PRIZES!!!!

You will learn about:

Which of these are selling and why


What you can do to increase your chances of being published or agented now as many former students have

Why author/ illustrators are hot in a way that they never have been before and how to become one

How to make your stories and art more interactive and engaging no matter what your niche is


Being live is a blast, and we’ll have some cool prizes, but don’t worry if you can’t make it, register now and we’ll send you the recording with a week’s extra access right after the webinar.
Space is limited, so don’t miss out and sign up now!


Talk tomorrow,



  1. How do we sign up for the free webinar? Link, please? Thanks


  2. ditto….how to sign up….want to hear what they say! 😉


  3. Where do we sign up for the free webinar?


  4. I couldn’t find it either on the site!


  5. Ditto! I couldn’t find the sign up link on the site. Kindly let us know. Thank you!


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