Posted by: Kathy Temean | July 10, 2016

Take A Look Sunday – Tiffany England


2016 marks the 30th Anniversary of The Organisation!

Cue the popping of champagne corks and hurrahs!

They have agreed to host Take A Look Sunday from June through August!



The Organisation is run by Lorraine Owen with the fabulous assistance of Richard Merritt, Pauline Mason, Jane Gelosa and Steph Vickery. They are an international agency with offices in London and New York and their client base covers every genre and age group within Book Publishing. In addition they supply artwork for use in Advertising, Magazines, Design, Packaging, Apps, Games, Greetings Cards and Art for Interiors.

The company is built on the ethos that every artist should have a distinct style. They would be able to stand out and would never feel that their unique style was being duplicated within the agency. Currently the maximum amount of artists they represent is 60 and they operate a policy of adding new talent only when someone leaves.

“Lorraine and her agency are pretty much publishing royalty; The Organisation work with some of the very, very best illustration talents, and it’s always a thrill to be working with one of their stable They are on our ‘go-to’ list for all new commissions.

Organisation agents without fail are a joy to deal with, and contribute so much more than simple deal-making.” STRAWBERRIE DONNELLY, ART DIRECTOR

Here is Lorraine’s review for Tiffany England:

I suppose I’ll always love work that is created on paper and Tiffany obviously is adept at the unforgiving watercolour technique.

tkl england1

In the three artworks the compositions have been beautifully thought out, and I like the fact that the central illustration has been left with unfinished areas around the bubbles . The flying Gryphon is enhanced by breaking out of a rectangular background – as if the pair have taken wing from the actual paper. I really appreciate the effortless characterisation of the girl in the first picture – the face is not realistic but neither is it too “toony”.  That’s a difficult balancing act but congratulations to Tiffany for having mastered it.

tkl england2

In the last two artworks I would have preferred to see natural skin tone for the hand and faces as opposed to more of the same palette as the faces are getting lost. If you can alter the art digitally then I would do so.There is a danger of making illustrations too flat and samey when using the same palette repeatedly and Tiffany obviously loves purples and greens. The Gryphon is the least successful of the pieces as the overall purple looks muddy and nothing stands out.

tkl england3

Although I appreciate the imagination depicted in the world of magical fantasy I feel it’s a very narrow corridor of subject matter. I’d love to see Tiffany tackle much wider subject matter, away from fairies and unusual beasts.

Tiffany England graduated from Laguna College of Art & Design with a Bachelor’s in Illustration, Magna Cum Laude. Since 2008, she has worked as a freelance illustrator. Her illustrations have appeared on book covers, book interiors, magazines and much more. Her website:

Lorraine, thank you for taking the time to share your expertise with all of us.


A Little Bit about LORRAINE OWEN:

Prior to the birth of The Organisation I had been Art Director/designer for a number of major publishers designing book jackets. I loved working with illustrators and I can proudly say that I gave a number of successful illustrators their very first job. After 10 enjoyable years I followed my passion for illustration and became a founder of The Organisation.

My main job within the company is now finding new talent and helping existing artists develop their portfolio by critiquing and supplying ideas for new samples.

Someone once said that if you love your job you’ll never work a day in your life and that’s exactly how I feel.


If you do not have an agent and would like to be featured and hear what is working or how it could be tweaked to help you sell your work, then please send Two or Three SEQUENTIAL illustrations (Two/three with the SAME “story/characters‎”) to:

Kathy.temean (at) Illustrations should be at least 500 pixels wide and your name should be in the .jpg title. Please put ILLUSTRATOR PORTFOLIO in the subject area and include a blurb about yourself that I can use to introduce you to everyone.

Each Sunday one illustrator will be featured.

Talk tomorrow,


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