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Book Giveaway: Watch the Birdie – Nancy Cote

Nancy Kelly Allen is the winner of Watch the Birdie. Congratulations!

Remember to send me your address.

Congratulations to Nancy Cote for her new Watch the Birdie. The book launched in April and Nancy has agreed to do a book giveaway. All you have to do to get in the running is to leave a comment. Reblog, tweet, or talk about it on facebook with a link and you will get additional chances to win. Just let me know the other things you did to share the good news, so I can put in the right amount of tickets in my basket for you. Please make sure you check back on July 19th to discover the winner. Make sure I’m able to find your contact information, in case your name is drawn.

nancy cote Watch the Birdie


Mousey was watching a baby bird when it fell from its nest. The baby bird is okay, but she can’t fly yet! So how will she get back up the tree to safety? Mousey may be too small to get the baby bird back up by himself, but maybe he can find somebody else who can! Maybe a frog can jump high enough. Or maybe a bunny can hop far enough. Maybe a snail will be able to crawl his way up the tree . . .

Will Mousey be able to save the baby bird? Or will the hungry cat get in the way of Mousey’s valiant attempts? Sometimes it’s just the size of your heart that really counts.

Watch the Birdie! is a delightful storybook about bravery and friendship. Nancy Cote’s loyal little mouse is sure to capture the hearts of young readers everywhere. With adorable illustrations and silly narration, Cote has made Watch the Birdie! a truly fun read for all.

Nancy Cote WTB page 6


Watch the Birdie! (Sky Pony Press 2016,) is my second story featuring a brave and big hearted little mouse. The fast paced tale jumps right in when Mousey sees a baby bird fall from it’s nest. There’s no time to waste and suspense quickly builds as the hungry cat, who lives in the park, sniffs his way to the scene where he “smells something good to eat!” Meanwhile the task of getting a little bird back to its nest in a very tall tree is daunting for a tiny mouse so he recruits help from a frog, who can jump high, a rabbit, who can hop far and a snail, who can climb way up! Unfortunately, time runs out and when the cat pounces, something extraordinary happens. Mousey has a great big heart but will that be enough against a cat with a big appetite?

Nancy Watch the Coookie

When I wrote Watch the Cookie!, the first story featuring Mousey, I decided to submit the manuscript to an agent. After having a good deal of success getting work published on my own, I decided it was time to have representation since I’d noticed the trend that the majority of publishers’ submission policies were listed as “only accepting agented material.” Rather than limit myself, I did some research on agents, then shortly after submitting my story to the Liza Royce Agency, Liza called me letting me know that she and her business partner Ginger, were interested in working with me. Together, their energy and enthusiasm makes for the perfect environment for passionate artists and before long, my story was placed with Sky Pony Press.

nancy Cote Dixie

My relationship with Sky Pony has been wonderful and I was contracted to illustrate two additional books, Dixie Wants an Allergy by Tori Corn and Puddle Jumpers by Anne Margaret Lewis.

nancy cote puddle jumpers

I’ve visited many schools, book stores and libraries and have been encouraged by fans who look forward to reading about Mousey in new adventures. They often have illustrated suggestions (and suggestions as to how Mousey sounds when he talks) waiting to share with me, which motivated me to write Watch the Birdie! The response to this story has been heartwarming, since little kids seem to really identify with the reality of baby birds in the springtime.

I am presently working on a third story about Mousey but this time the focus is on allowing the hungry cat to redeem himself. Although I developed the character of the cat as the villain, I hated leaving readers with a bad impression of him when essentially, he was only looking to survive. If this book eventually becomes published, I will feel complete about the series but I will always be open to new adventures of Mousey and his entourage.

Nancy Cote WTB rabbit mouse

This Fall, November 2016 , I have another book being released called Leonard’s Beard. Although a little mouse appears briefly in the story, Leonard’s Beard was inspired by my eccentric neighbor. I absolutely love illustrating my own stories and have tremendous freedom to include characters that are dear to me. Throughout Leonard’s Beard, my two dogs Maggie (a basset hound) and Franky (a mini dachshund) can be found on almost every page. Franky was actually the model for Mousey in both books. His long snout, bulging eyes, little legs and skinny tale, translated nicely into an adorable and funny little mouse.

My approach to writing and illustrating has evolved over the years. I’m going through a period of feeling bolder and braver and allowing my sense of humor to rule. I’m devoted to developing stories based on kind, but flawed characters, whereas in the past I took myself seriously and was overly cautious and restricted. Once I let go of feeling that writing was work, I was free to play and have as much fun as I do when painting and drawing. I never imagined that writing would become something I loved doing as much as I do now. I am intrigued with the process of making my work stronger both as a writer and an illustrator, and finding new and different ways to express myself. It’s an ongoing, mind blowing combination that keeps me going every single day.

nancy cote

About Nancy:

From her work as a children’s book illustrator to her special project commissions, Nancy’s unique style and passion has garnered international attention and numerous awards.


  • • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award
  • • Society of School Librarians International Honor Book
  • • ABA “Pick of the Lists”
  • • Smithsonian Notable Book for Children
  • • Florida Reading Association Children’s Book Award
  • • CBC-IRA Notable Children’s Trade Book
  • • Sidney Taylor Notable book Award
  • • Parenting Magazine Best Book
  • • Bank Street College of Education, Best children’s books 2009
  • • PJ Library Books
  • • Original Art Exhibit (Society of Illustrators)
  • • Highlights for Children Pewter Plate Award /Spring 2012

Creating characters and scenes that delight both young and old, Nancy’s work is a reflection of her endless passion and energy for life. Her studio is located in an historic village along a quiet river in New England.

Nancy Cote working

Amazon has ebook of WATCH THE BIRDIE on Sale for $1.99. Great opportunity if you have a Kindle.

Nancy was featured on illustrator Saturday in 2012. Here’s the link: Nancy’s website is:

I will announce the winner of Kelly Lights book tomorrow.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Congratulations, Nancy! Can’t wait to read Watch the Birdie. (Shared on Facebook and Twitter).


  2. Mousetrap is such a cute character. I can’t wait to see how he saves the birdie! Thank you for the opportunity to win a copy.


  3. Congratulations, Nancy and thanks, Kathy! LOVE the art and can’t wait to fly the skies with Watch Out Birdie. (Shared on FB).


  4. This book looks adorable (as well as the other titles!), thank you for the opportunity to win a copy. (shared on twitter


  5. Congratulations on your second Mousey book! Looking forward to reading. 🙂 Tweeting the giveaway for you, too.


  6. Congratulations on your latest book. Your illustrations are awesome and I look forward to reading it.


    • Congratulations! Nancy. Hope you enjoy the book. Please send your address.


  7. Congratulations on the adorable book! Tweeting about the giveaway also.


  8. Sounds wonderful!!!


  9. Delightful characters!


  10. I can see why Nancy’s books would be loved. Congrats to Nancy and thanks to Kathy for sharing.


  11. Your books are such a delightful reflection of your radiant personality!! Congratulations, Nancy,…miss you!!


  12. Mousey is such an adorable character. Congratulations!


  13. I love the illustrations, so crisp and clean. The plot sounds like a winner too. I’ll have to look for the book.


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