Posted by: Kathy Temean | June 16, 2016

25 Books About Female Scientists


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Science Is For Girls:
25 Books About Female Scientists


“Young girls need to see role models in whatever career they may choose, just so they can picture themselves doing those jobs someday. You can’t be what you can’t see.” — Sally Ride, First American Woman in Space

When someone mentions scientists, chances are good that the face that pops into mind is male: perhaps a picture of Albert Einstein or Neil DeGrasse Tyson, or maybe a more generic man in a lab coat. However, even when women were largely shut out of science, there were still groundbreaking women making discoveries, conducting experiments, and publishing research! And while school curricula and popular culture are slowly expanding to include women beyond a few notable favorites such as Marie Curie and Jane Goodall, many people — young and old alike — still often find themselves struggling to name even a handful of female scientists.

Fortunately, with the increasing availability of great biographies for children and teens, we can show our girls that women in science make contributions every day! And, of course, these titles are just as important to share with boys because all kids need to know that science is for girls! With that in mind, we’ve showcased 25 of our favorite biographies of female scientists for young readers. From primatology to physics, the expanses of space to the vast floor of the ocean, these women made their mark and changed the way we see the world… just like the budding Mighty Girl scientists of today will one day!

For fictional stories featuring Mighty Girl scientists and engineers, check our our blog post Ignite Her Curiosity: 25 Books Starring Science-Loving Mighty Girls.

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  1. Congratulations Laurie!! Such an amazing woman and amazing book!!


  2. I recently listened to Radioactive! which is the story of Irene Curie and Lise Meitner uncovered the secrets which led to the formation of the atom bomb. Fascinating read. Very well done.


  3. Congratulations Laurie…welcome to the Mighty Girl Club! Isn’t it a fun honor to be on the list?


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