Posted by: Kathy Temean | February 21, 2016

Take A Look Sunday – Lauren Gallegos

Ronnie started the Herman Agency in 1999 and represents many of the leading illustrators and author/illustrators in today’s children’s book market. As a former Art Director at Random House and Art Director, Associate Publisher and V.P. at Penguin Books’ Grosset & Dunlap, Ronnie art directed thousands of children’s books during her more than 20 years in working for major publishing hosues. Ronnie is also the author of 12 children’s books and one of her books has been on the NY Times best-seller list. Ronnie and the Agency are affiliated with the following organizations: SCBWI, Authors’ Guild, Graphic Artists’ Guild, U.S. Association of Accredited Business.


Here is Ronnie talking about Lauren Gallegos:

I know Lauren’s work from her wonderful art in The Coal Thief. Lauren sent me a postcard of the image below and I really responded to it and am happy to see that there is a sequel called The Egg Thief and another book in the series is in the works. What struck by by this piece is the boy and the background. I find the character very appealing and can tell that Lauren is an excellent  draftsman and designer. The focus on the main character, the train with its trail of smoke and the limited palette are all wonderful. One feels the cold winter air and the smoke being place behind the boy to make him pop out is a masterful touch. I also really like the type treatment and the way the cover has been designed with room for the title. The boy’s face has a kind naive expression and character and his arms and hands holding his precious coal is so well done. This piece made me want to see more of Lauren’s work immediately. I was delighted when Kathy sent me the two following images to discuss on her wonderful blog, Take a Look Sunday.


This image below has another strong, appealing character with a lot of personality. She obviously has had an argument with her mom and is packing her suitcase and going away.She obviously can’t take off without her bunny and crayons and is that a special blankie I see hanging out of the suitcase? She has put on a wonderful hat and the glasses add a lot of character. It appears that Mom isn’t too concerned about her daughter’s intentions to pack and leave home. I wouldn’t be surprised if our little girl hasn’t done this before! Once again, as in The Coal Thief, Lauren has used a limited cool palette that I really like. The touches of gold are great. And what a marvelous suitcase!


Here our little friend is taking off, but wait! It is raining. “Hmm,” she thinks, “do I really want to run away in this weather?? Maybe I should rethink this or certainly go back and get an umbrella”–and I bet it will be a great big one.  I love the way the rain is done and how forlorn our little girl looks . And don’t you just love her outfit?! I sure do. I am eager to see more of this story, Lauren, and hope you will send it to me. This little girl is endearing and I want to see her in more books. You are really talented and a natural illustrator for picture books. I know kids will respond to your work. Your digital art is marvelous and beautifully crafted.


Have a great week, everyone! Until next Sunday ~ Ronnie

Lauren Gallegos, illustrator of sixteen Children’s Books, earned her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Illustration from Cal State Fullerton in 2009 and has been illustrating ever since. Several of her books have won awards, including the Moonbeam Children’s Book Award, the International Book Awards, and the Independent Publishers Book Award.

Thank you Ronnie for taking the time to share your expertise with us. It helps so many illustrators and is very much appreciated. Here is the Heman Agency website link:


If you do not have an agent and would like to be featured and hear what is working or how it could be tweaked to help you sell your work, then please send Two SEQUENTIAL illustrations (Two with the SAME “story/characters‎”) to:

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Each Sunday one illustrator will be chosen.

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  1. Thank you so very much Ronnie for taking a look at my art. I am so glad you like it, and you can be sure I will be sending you more artwork!


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