Posted by: Kathy Temean | January 24, 2016

Take A Look Sunday – Amalia Hoffman


Ronnie started the Herman Agency in 1999 and represents many of the leading illustrators and author/illustrators in today’s children’s book market. As a former Art Director at Random House and Art Director, Associate Publisher and V.P. at Penguin Books’ Grosset & Dunlap, Ronnie art directed thousands of children’s books during her more than 20 years in working for major publishing hosues. Ronnie is also the author of 12 children’s books and one of her books has been on the NY Times best-seller list. Ronnie and the Agency are affiliated with the following organizations: SCBWI, Authors’ Guild, Graphic Artists’ Guild, U.S. Association of Accredited Business.

Here is Ronnie Herman owner of the Herman Agency in NYC:

Amalia Hoffman 1

This first image by Amalia Hoffman, made me smile and want to look very carefully at the characters and details. Mr and Mrs. are in their home-sweet-home web beaming at the 4 brothers who are zooming by on their bicycle made for 4 with 12 wheels–3 wheels per biker. The kids look as happy as their neighbors. First there is a goofy guy with a green scarf holding on with only one hand. Behind him is his brother who is quite round and chubby. Next in line is the tall lanky brother who’s wearing a baseball cap that says, Team Spiders on it–at least I believe that this is what the illustrator had in mind. Just look at how happy he looks. Last but not least, come the baby. The baby is so little that he needs to site on a book or two. I really love the way each character has their own look–not so easy to do with spiders. but Amalia has done a great job with this. Most of the spiders have their 8 legs though the adults could both use another one…Mr. Spider on his right and Mrs. Spider on her left. I will assume that the other legs are behind them. And the rider with the yellow cap needs one more leg as well. Illustrators need to be aware that there will always be a kid who actually does things like count how many legs they have and be prepared to receive a letter written by the kid’s mom or dad letting you know that their child was wondering why they don’t all have their requisite 8 legs. A great upbeat piece with wonderful colors and sense of movement.

amalia hoffman 2

From this image, I am imagining that the boys had a bike accident​ and Dr. Spiderpill, the pediatrician of the neighborhood, is running from his office, down the hill to examine the 4 brothers after their spill. Once again, another unique character with all of his legs and doctor tools. Dr. Spiderpill doesn’t look too concerned so we aren’t worried that the boys will have more than bumps and bruises.

I really want to read this book and wonder if we will get to meet more wonderful characters.

Have a good week!


If you do not have an agent and would like to be featured and hear what is working or how it could be tweaked to help you sell your work, then please send Two SEQUENTIAL illustrations (Two with the SAME “story/characters‎”) to:

Kathy.temean (at) Illustrations should be at least 500 pixels wide. Please put ILLUSTRATOR PORTFOLIO in the subject area and include a blurb about yourself that I can use to introduce you to everyone.

Each Sunday one illustrator will be chosen.

CALL FOR ILLUSTRATORS: Remember I’m always looking for illustrations I can use with articles I post. Send to: Kathy.temean (at) Put ILLUSTRATION FOR BLOG in the subject area. Remember all illustration need to be 500 pixels wide. Include a blurb about yourself, too.

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  1. So adorable!


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