Posted by: Kathy Temean | January 20, 2016

REUTS – Young Adult and New Adult Novels

THIS IS NOT AN ENDORSEMENT: I thought it is something you should know about and file away in your “Things to Consider” file. At first blush, the only thing I don’t care for is the pricing of their paperback books – $17.00 IN MY OPINION keeps your book out of a large amount of potential buyers. Let me know if you see any other drawbacks.

REUTS is an boutique YA/NA publisher that offers an unconventional, yet advantageous and author-friendly approach to traditional publishing.

WHAT DOES THAT MEAN? It means we offer our authors the enhanced creative control usually associated with self-publishing, while also providing the expert level of support one might expect from a professional publishing house. Essentially, we’ve combined the best of both worlds while leaving behind the undesirable or inconvenient parts of either.

Join the movement– get REUTED in an amazing book.

Behind the Scenes

reviewTHE REVIEW PROCESS: REUTS is drawn to diamonds in the rough (rough, rough, rough…) Querying is oftentimes the most nerve-wrecking process in the search for publication, and writing a synopsis is much different than writing a novel. That’s why we consider a submission as a whole of its parts. Our philosophy is centered around finding the potential beneath the query letter, the story between the words. We pride ourselves on mentoring–not just discovering–talented new authors.

editing EDITING / CONCEPTUAL SERVICES: With more than a dozen years of collective experience writing and editing for publication, our team of editors and copyeditors have the skills and vision to make your work shine like you never thought it could. From concept to execution to final copy, our authors receive detailed and comprehensive feedback from our editorial staff–not in a dreaded “red wall of text” via a single editorial letter, but in REAL TIME through the use of file-sharing software (such as Google Docs). This allows us to cut up each phase into smaller, more manageable sessions and brings an innovative, collaborative approach to the dreaded revision process.

designDESIGN AESTHETICS: Because, in the real world, readers absolutely DO judge a book by its cover, REUTS firmly believes that a superb cover is the final step toward creating a successful and unique product. That’s why we provide a fully collaborative design process. Our talented and experienced team of designers works hand-in-hand with each author to imagine and create the ideal cover art and accompanying design materials. Book cover, website, online persona . . . these visual keystones are your first chance to intrigue and captivate your audience and build a dedicated leadership.

distributionPRINTING / DISTRIBUTION: REUTS is a full-service publishing house, from start to finish. We print all of our titles through Lightning Source, Inc. and distribute via their parent company, Ingram Content Group, which partners with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Baker & Taylor, Adlibris, and other companies across the US and UK to provide comprehensive global distribution.

paymentCONTRACT / ROYALTIES: Like any legitimate publishing house, REUTS will never charge you a cent to publish your title. REUTS authors make 30% GROSS Profit on trade paperback sales, and 40% GROSS Total on electronic sales. GROSS Profit refers to what we receive from our printer/distributor for paperback sales (factoring in any variations between printing, wholesale purchases, etc . . . ). The author’s royalty comes directly from that profit. Authors receive the first profits, and that then trickles down into the company. Our team is fully invested in your project, and won’t see a cent of profit until you do. We do not currently offer advances, but we do hope to add them to our contracts in the near future.

friendTHE LIFELONG RELATIONSHIP: In joining the REUTS collection, you’re also joining the REUTS family. We don’t just invest in your product, we invest in you. Each of our team members connects with our authors on a personal level, becoming friends, fans, and a lifelong cheering section for all your endeavors. We strive to create a community, a place where the line between author and publisher, editor and designer, blurs; a place where brilliant storytelling, passion, and support meet. Join the movement!

(TL;DR) Comprehensive Publishing, at a Glance:

  • Multi-round editing: including comprehensive structural/concept editing, line editing, and proofreading.
  • Professional cover design, driven by author input.
  • Standard 5.25” x 8”  book size typesetting for trade paperback and digital formats.
  • Digital PR kit and personalized marketing plan, including: press releases, high quality print files, promotional material and collaborative marketing support.
  • Training and support in establishing an online author platform and building readership.
  • A synergistic, transparent publishing experience from the moment your manuscript leaves your hands.
  • And more!

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Do all traditional publishers usually give you 30%?


    • No, but they give you an advance in addition to the percentage.


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