Posted by: Kathy Temean | December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas & Winners

Christmas Gifts


Angela Turner – Susan Detwiler’s FINE LIFE FOR A COUNTRY MOUSE
Barbara Kupetz – Marlo Berliner’s THE GHOST CHRONICLES
Nancy Furstenger – Laurie Calkhoven’s WOMEN WHO CHANGED THE WORLD
Brooke McIntyre – Lauren Mill’s MINNA’S PATCHWORK COAT

blog dow angels bring snow 3

Dow Phumiruk

Renee Graef

blog Christmas kary leepeas illustration

Kary Lee Illustrator Coordinator, SCBWI Inland Northwest

Christmas Vacation
Logs in the fireplace, red candlesticks,
Piping hot cider and peppermint licks,
Sweet smell of evergreen hangs in the air,
Icicles sparkle, bright lights everywhere.
We’ll make snow angels and build a snow man.
Pull out toboggans as fast as we can.
We climb to the top of our favorite hill
Sliding all day is a wintertime thrill.

Rosi Hollinbeck

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Ellen Beier

In a cold Christmas season

Our hearts fill with joy,
And song fills the heart
Of each girl and boy.
But the greatest of joys
Is the warmth felt within,
As we give warmth to others
It is the joy of giving.
So now let us all
Take part in this joy
With a warmth-giving gift
From each girl and boy.
Verlie Hutchens: Creative Coaching, Writer, Avon leader
TREES by Verlie, coming soon, Beach Lane Books
‘I’m coming home’  

I’m coming home-
The morning hue spewed-
We were children pulling shades-

Outside our shared bedroom door-
Breakfast was happening-
Coffee – Cocoa – Eggs and bacon with toast

First though – after the shades-
Christmas stockings were at our feet-
Having found their way to our bedroom floor-

Then when stockings were emptied-
Breakfast had-
We’d – all of us – be headed home-
Where Grandpa and Grandma were waiting-

Grandma will have decorated-
The house would adorn all colors-
Popcorn would be hung on the tree-
And presents would overflow

It wasn’t that though-
Which kept out legs restless-
It was Grandpa and Grandma
Their persons-
Their hugs-
It was Grandpa picking us up-
Nuzzling our faces with his gristle-
Then calling us Honey

We’d watch the man in the kitchen-
His large frame and forearms welcoming us-
The smell of Ham – Pork and Turkey-
His sweet drink venting through his pores-
His heavy walk which we can no longer see-

We were coming home-
Gone now though- It was the safest place to be

It’s the warmth of December-
And it’s now-
An infant watches his mother-
As she adorns the house with all colors-
And decorates the tree-

The father holds the infant near-
Watching as his son reaches for a bow-
Tears flow freely – his son is home-

The man sees his wife – Truly sees her-
He thinks of his Grandfather and Grandmother-
Missing the heavy walk and his sweet smell-
Knowing it’s more than fine now-

It is December-
It is Christmas time-
I am home.

Matt Taggart


Tracy Campbell

blog Christmas-5
Rama Dixit

blog Xmas dog 2015
Marjory Gardner

Blog hrfistmas Anna Guillotte sleigh-ride-from-hell-Anna-Guillotte
Anna Guillotte

Winners, Congratulations! Please email mail me your name and address, so your books can be put in the mail.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Great post, Kathy. Thank you for the effort you put into your work. Merry Christmas.


  2. Reblogged this on mtaggartwriter and commented:
    ‘I’m Coming Home’ is a poem I wrote about Christmas. Kathy accepted the poem and has displayed it within her Christmas post on her blog. (Roughly in the middle) Kathy constantly updates her blog with active agents looking for submissions. Merry Christmas.


  3. Merry Christmas, Kathy! Thank you for your informative blog and the hard work you put into it all year!


  4. Merry Christmas Kathy!


  5. Wonderful poems and art. Thanks. Kathy. Merry Christmas 🌲


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