Posted by: Kathy Temean | December 18, 2015

Free Fall Friday – Announcements

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Andy Ipaktchi is a freelance American author-illustrator and Illustration coordinator for  SCBWI-France. I live and work in a cave near the Eiffel Tower in Paris.  

Back on September 13th Chris Tugeau and Christy Tugeau Ewers at Catugeau Agency started Take A Look Sunday. They will end their time with us will end along with 2015. If you followed on Sundays and read their critiques, you know they did a terrific job. Both Chris and Christy love what they do and truly care about helping children’s illustrators succeed. I hope they will volunteer their time again down the road, but don’t despair if you had plans to take advantage of the program because I am happy to announce that Ronnie Herman of the Herman Agency will kick off “Take a Look Sunday” for the first quarter of 2016.


Illustrators who do not have an agent and would like to be featured and hear what is working and what could be tweaked to help you sell your work, may submit two consecutive story illustrations for critique. If interested please send Two SEQUENTIAL illustrations – not just 2 pages of illustrations, but two with the SAME “story/characters‎” to:

Kathy.temean (at) Illustrations should be at least 500 pixels wide. Please put ILLUSTRATOR PORTFOLIO in the subject area and include a blurb about yourself that I can use to introduce you to everyone.

Each Sunday one illustrator will be featured.

CALL FOR ILLUSTRATORS: 2016 will continue to show off illustrations with posts. It is a nice way to get your work noticed. Send to: Kathy.temean (at) Put ILLUSTRATION FOR BLOG in the subject area. Remember all illustrations need to be 500 pixels wide. Include a blurb about yourself, too.

REMINDER: Below are the links to the wonderful book give-aways featured this month. You have until the afternoon of Christmas Eve to leave a comment, tweet, facebook, or blog about the books to get in the running.

Lauren Mills:

Laurie Calkhoven:

Marlo Berliner:

Susan Detwiler:

Check back on Monday and Tuesday for two additional book give-aways.

Good Luck Everyone!

Talk tomorrow,



  1. thank you Kathy! Christy and I SO enjoyed our time with Take a Look Sunday! it was a pleasure and privilege to begin this opportunity through your blog to reach out to EVERY artist while critiquing 3 1/2 months of specific artists. We hope it was a learning experience for all, and wish Ronnie as much fun as we had doing it. HAPPY 2016 to all!


  2. Hi Kathy,
    Thank you so much for informing us 😊


  3. Thank you so much for the update Kathy 😊


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