Posted by: Kathy Temean | October 29, 2015

Agent Looking for Clients – Alex Barba


Alex Barba

Alex BarbaAlex is now open to queries! Please check out our submission guidelines to see how to submit to her.Alex Barba is an agent and the foreign rights contact at Inklings Literary Agency.

Alex has a background in publishing and entertainment. She came to Inklings after a stint as a literary consultant in New York City, having scouted the U.S. book market for film and TV clients and foreign publishers. Prior to that, she spent time in Los Angeles as an editor at a digital magazine, and doing story development on scripts with a literary management company.

In her own words, what she wants:

I represent YA fiction (because I am still a 16-year-old girl at heart). I’m looking for grounded contemporary YA, but an extremely well-done contemporary with fantasy or sci-fi elements will occasionally grab me. And a clever retelling/re-spin of an old classic is always thrilling (think Ella Enchanted, one of my favorite books ever). Cinematic elements draw my eye, but ultimately I believe truly great stories are built on the backs of multi-faceted, compelling characters. Some other things I particularly love: stories about self-discovery, awesome action sequences, interesting friendships, smart girls making bad choices, a good love story, and darkly humorous writing with wacky plot twists.

Please no queries that are outside my category/genre interest!

Follow her on Twitter: @AlexandraBarba

Please follow the guidelines below.

Here are our guidelines:

We accept electronic submissions only. Please do not call the agency to query, or to inquire about querying. Do not use the postal service or any other snail mail service to mail your submissions.
To query type Query (Agent Name) plus the title of your novel in the subject line, then please send the following pasted into the body of the e-mail to query(at)inklingsliterary(dot)com

  • A query letter that includes:
    • The title, genre, and word count of your project.
    • A brief blurb about the story.
    • A brief bio including any publishing credits.
    • The first 10 pages of your manuscript
    • A brief synopsis (1-2 pages)

If you were querying Barba the title of your book is ONE THOUSAND WAYS TO DRINK COFFEE, your subject line should look like this: Query Barba: ONE THOUSAND WAYS TO DRINK COFFEE.

We will not open unsolicited attachments, so make sure you send all of the above pasted into the body of the email.

Our response time varies for queries, but the general response time is within 3 months for queries, and 4 months for manuscripts.



  1. I have one in the works!


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