Posted by: Kathy Temean | October 15, 2015

Life Poetically Speaking

ACountingSheep72sue clancy

A Counting Sheep by Sue Clancy. Sue Clancy is a professional fine artist and illustrator with a visual story obsession. She proudly has library cards in two adjoining states.  More of her work can be seen at 

davidlharrisonIf you love poetry, write poems, or just want to learn more about the craft, David L Harrison has a great blog where writers can gather, learn, and show off their poetry. I thought you would appreciate a new way of remembering some poetry lingo that he shared on his blog.

Here’s a quick summary of how poetry mirrors life.

Monostich — one-line verse:
single person waiting to get on with writing the rest of his/her poem.

Couplet — two-line verse:
couple joined by similar sounding goals, often for poetic reasons.

Triplet — three-line verse:
baby comes, expands the couplet, complicates the rhythm.

Quatrain — four-line verse:
second child, family adds more stanzas to explain.

Quintain — five-line verse:
first child marries, brings home mate, sets up a roundelay.

Hexastich — six-line verse:
second child marries, more to love, calls for a ballad or better job.

Heptastich — seven-line verse:
first grandchild, revision can be such a joyous thing.

Octave — eight-line verse:
mother-in-law comes to live, throws off meter, nothing rhymes.

From this point forward, no known verse applies.
Free verse is the only way to describe the situation.

You can visit David at: His word for October to inspire poets is, “Dirt.”

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  1. Love David and his blog! He inspires me daily. 🙂


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