Posted by: Kathy Temean | October 1, 2015

Non-fiction Books for the Over 50 Audience


Got a book, or an idea for a book, that would be of interest to people in their “prime time” – age 50 and up? We want to see it!

Got a book manuscript you’d like us to consider? Send it to us at

PrimeTime accepts only electronic submissions, sent in Word (.doc or .docx) or RichText Format (.rtf). Please do not submit manuscript as PDFs. We are primarily interested in nonfiction and prefer manuscripts in the 40,000-word range but will consider manuscripts of 20,000 words and up. We do not offer advances but do pay royalties. We are not a vanity, subsidy, or hybrid publisher. We never ask you to pay to get your book published. We pay you — not the other way around.

We welcome manuscript submissions from new writers as well as established ones. We do not require that you submit through an agent. As a diversity-positive publisher we especially welcome work by members of different ethnic and other groups and work that is targeted to members of different ethnic and other groups, but everyone is welcome. Our doors are open wide, although as a new and small publisher, we are limited as to the number of books we can publish.

Some of our books will be published as traditional print books. All of our books, whether selected for print or not, will be published as e-books.

Again, if you’ve got a manuscript you want to show us, the address is

Talk tomorrow,


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