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Midday on Beacj xlarge

I shared Dan Finaldi’s  above illustration titled Midday on the Beach on Labor Day. It was the first time his artwork has been shown on Writing and Illustrating. The Labor Day post did not lean itself to telling you about Dan, so here is his beautiful oil painting again and some info about him:

Dan received both a BFA and an MFA at Brooklyn College and has studied art at the SUNY New Paltz Painting Program and also with noted realistic painter like, Philip Pearlstein, Loid Dodd and Lennart Anderson. He regularly exhibits his art around the country. His next exhibit is being held in the Great Hall, Cape Cod Cultural Center, South Yarmouth, MA September 30 to October 18 2015. Here is the link: 

Here is the link for Dan’s website:

Roberta Pewter Plate Award from Highlights

Illustrator Roberta Aangaramo

Highlights High Five magazine has honored illustrator Roberta Angaramo of Bossolasco (CN), Italy, for her illustration of the verse titled “Empty Shell,” which was published in the April 2014 issue. The work was named “Verse Illustration of the Year 2014” by the editorial, art and production staff.

The verse, written by Marguerite Chase McCue, is about tiny chicks breaking out of their shells and leaving the shells behind as they leave the nest.

Roberta was featured on Illustrator Saturday. Here is the link to see her talented illustrations in that feature.

NYT bestselling author Ame Dyckman sold another book! This one is titled, DANDY, and will be illustrated by Bob Shea. It is a humorous celebration of the bond between fathers and daughters, in which a girl becomes “best friends” with Daddy’s nemesis—the lone dandelion in his otherwise perfect lawn. Scott Treimel sold it to Leila Sales at Viking Children’s, for publication in Summer 2017, in a two book deal for Ame. Steven Malk at Writers House secured the contract for Bob to illustrate the book.

Tamra Tuller has left Chronicle Books, where she was most recently an editor, to become a freelance editor and consultant. She can be reached at

Laura Tisdel is returning to Viking, as an executive editor, starting on October 5, after four years at Reagan Arthur Books and Little Brown.

At Chronicle, Taylor Norman has been promoted to associate editor, children’s.

At Scholastic, Emily Clement has been promoted to editor, Arthur A. Levine Books, while Marisa Polansky moves up to editor, Nonfiction.

Celia Lee has been promoted to editor, Cartwheel Books, while Samantha Swank moves up to assistant editor.

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  1. so beautiful 🙂 amazing art 🙂


  2. BIG congratulations to Ame and Roberta!


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