Posted by: Kathy Temean | September 8, 2015

Agent Stacey Donaghy of DLG Literary is Open to Queries.


Stacey Donaghy – Agent and Founder of DLG Literary Group

Stacey Donaghy, agent and Founder of DLG Literary is open to query submissions.
Please place her name in the email subject line when querying.

Stacey is a strong advocate for her writers. She believes in helping to build the careers of her clients, with long term goals in mind.

Stacey began her career with the Corvisiero Literary Agency in New York, where she wore many hats from team manager and trainer, to intern, to agent. This coupled with her experience and formal education and training in the areas of Management, Social Services and Adult Education, Stacey brings a wealth of technical and professional experience to the literary world. As a manager in the field of Education & Training, her roles have included people management, curriculum development, academic editing, marketing, creative design, publishing, proposal writing, contract negotiations and public speaking. Her training also includes Principled Negotiation Techniques as it applies to relationships and contracts.

Do not email Stacey directly, use the query email:
Please read the Submission Guidelines at the bottom of this page.
Stacey is currently interested in receiving queries for Adult, New Adult, Young Adult, and Middle Grade (No picture books) fiction. Checkout my wish list below:

Wish List: 2015 for Adult, New Adult, YA and Middle Grade
•Romantic Suspense
•LGBT stories standalone or series, would love to see m/m, f/f, no BDSM
•Mystery all ages (not cozy)
•Contemporary romance, I love smart and edgy characters.
•Thrillers all kinds
•Romance with varying heat levels
•Erotic Romance, must have lots of sexual tension, and be a well developed story
•New Adult, must be able to fit into adult contemporary genre area. (No more bad boy tattooed rockers, this has been done and done again. Story must be very unique and not a duplicate of what is already out there.)
•In middle grade, I am looking for quirky not cute.
•YA, lower, mid and upper YA. (No sci-fi/ fantasy or historic)

She is not interested in: Non-fiction (unless as noted below). Sci-fi/Fantasy, dystopian, paranormal /supernatural or historic. No picture books, self-help, or cookbooks.

– NON-FICTION Stacey also seeks authorized biographies, compelling stories written by celebrities, music industry professionals, pop culture, film/Television. Canadian content is highly desired. As well as international. (Not seeking general non-fiction or memoirs unless you are a rock icon, or celebrity).

NOTE: Representation is available only for the above-listed genres.


1. We only accept electronic submissions.
2. Send ONE submission at a time.
3. Review our agent pages to ensure we represent your genre.




– Place the following information in the email’s subject line:
“Query” followed by story title, genre and the name of the agent that you are querying.



– Place your query letter in the body of the email.
– Query letter size/format – standard business letter.
– Recommended Structure of query letter . . .
i. Salutation by name – no “Dear agent” or “To whom it may concern.”
ii. First paragraph – include book title, genre, and word count.
iii. Next two paragraphs – tell us about your story. Details belong in
your synopsis. This should just be a teaser with a hook.
iv. One short paragraph with your “bio”.
v. Your name and contact information. Also, let us know about your
writing, awards, credentials, education or other information
relevant to your chosen genre.


– Paste a 1 or 2-page synopsis below the query letter.
*(Do NOT include your synopsis as an attachment to the email.)

– Paste the first 10 pages of your double spaced manuscript below the synopsis. *(Do NOT include partial manuscript as an attachment to the email.)

Send your completed query email to:

Talk tomorrow,


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