Posted by: Kathy Temean | August 20, 2015

Agent Looking to Build List


Associate Agent Susan Miller – Donaghy Literary Group

Sue Miller comes to Donaghy Literary with enthusiasm and experience in the industry. She graduated with a degree in English Literature from York University in Toronto, as well as a certificate in publishing, from Ryerson University. Sue previously worked in children’s publishing with Scholastic Canada. Upon connecting with publisher, Fernanda Viveiros, of Fidalgo Books, she was asked to host the Luso Reading Vox series at Dundas West Fest in Toronto. After spending time with these authors, she realized that representing an author and their work is exactly where she wanted her publishing career to be.

Sue began her career with DLG as an intern before moving into the role of Associate Agent. Prior to joining DLG, Sue interned for Bree Ogden during her time at the D4EO agency. She dabbles in writing and has edited short stories for other writers. An admitted social media junkie, Sue is always interested in the latest platforms for networking and relationship building within the industry. This led her to complete her Digital Marketing Management certificate from the University of Toronto. When it comes to her genre preferences, Sue is partial to romance, young adult, new adult and adult contemporary novels.

Sue is seeking new and exciting voices as she begins to build her client list.

I am excited to discover diverse new author voices.

Susan’s Interests:
• YA – any sub genre (think Rainbow Rowell, John Green, Cynthia Hand, Stephanie Perkins, Colleen Hoover)
• Urban Fantasy (think Sandy Williams, Patricia Briggs, Karen Marie Moning)
• Urban Fantasy/Fantasy/ Science Fiction/ Dystopian – mash-ups (think Laini Taylor, Samantha Shannon, Pierce Brown, Andy Weir)
• Contemporary Romance (think Jamie McGuire, Rachel Gibson, Jay Crownover, K.A. Tucker, Colleen Hoover)

WISH list:
• YA or Contemporary romance – fun and smart (not silly) and/or heart breaking, with angst, romantic, sometimes dark
•YA contemporary, authentic voices representing urban life (think Treasure E. Blue), multicultural (example: Afro-Latino etc.), social change (think Heidi Durrow, R.J. Palacio)
•Literary & Commercial fiction that mashes genres together such as, The Night Circus
•Contemporary Romance with memorable characters that I’ll fondly refer to throughout my life!

    1. TIP: We respond to all queries and requested manuscripts, if you do not follow our guidelines your submission will not be responded to.
    2.  Do not send queries to any address other than the query email sub address listed on this page.
    3. TIP: Make sure that you add the name of the agent that you are querying in your email subject line.
    4. Do not query more than one agent with the same project, we often refer queries internally that might  be a better fit for the other agents list.
    5. TIP: Be patient, while we review your manuscript.  We work hard to meet our clients needs first and equally as hard to find the “gems” in our query and manuscript queues.  Waiting isn’t easy, but it is necessary.


1.  We only accept electronic submissions.
2.  Send ONE submission at a time.
3.  Review our agent pages to ensure we represent your genre.




 Place the following information in the email’s subject line:
 Query” followed by story title, genre and the of the agent that you are querying.



–  Place your query letter in the body of the email.
–  Query letter size/format – standard business letter.
–  Recommended Structure of query letter . . .
i.      Salutation by name – no “Dear agent” or “To whom it may concern.”
ii.     First paragraph – include book title, genre, and word count.
iii.    Next two paragraphs – tell us about your story. Details belong in
your synopsis.  This should just be a teaser with a hook.
iv.    One short paragraph with your “bio”.
v.     Your name and contact information. Also, let us know about your
writing, awards, credentials, education or other information
relevant to your chosen genre.


–  Paste a 1 or 2-page synopsis below the query letter.
*(Do NOT include your synopsis as an attachment to the email.)


–  Paste the first 10 pages of your double spaced manuscript below the synopsis.
*(Do NOT include partial manuscript as an attachment to the email.)

Send your completed query email to:

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Working on something that she might like!


  2. Hi Kathy,

    The post says the agent is looking for new talent, but the write-up says that she’s closed right now.

    Go figure.

    We’ve moved ten blocks but it’s nearly taken the whole summer. Hope you’ve had a good summer. Your blogs are terrific. I read each one carefully.

    Best wishes,




    • Bebe,

      That was part of the general submission guidelines. What it meant is if one of there agents ended up saying they were closed to submission, then they would still read what was sent in. I should have explained that or I should not have included it. I deleted. Sue definitely is accepting submissions.

      I believe it took you all summer. Moving is a nightmare. I should move, but I don’t think I have the time or the energy to do it. I don’t even want to think about ever doing it.



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