Posted by: Kathy Temean | June 1, 2015

Agent Looking for Clients


Agent Penny Moore

Penny Moore joined FinePrint Literary in 2013 as an intern and officially joined the agency in 2014, and since then has been actively working to build her list with exceptionally talented clients. You can also find her on Twitter: precociouspenny.

Penny represents picture books, middle grade, young adult, and adult fiction and non-fiction.

In picture books she’s looking for anything with fun off-the-wall concepts to memorable heartfelt messages.

As for MG and YA, she’s interested in all genres, and is seeking inventive works that combine well-defined voice, complex characters, and compelling plot lines. She’s especially keen on YA fantasy, historical fiction, sci-fi, and contemporary stories exploring romance and the complications of growing up.

In adult fiction, her tastes lean towards literary, speculative fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, psychological thrillers, and select romance projects including New Adult.

She’s also open to nonfiction projects in the realm of pop culture, humor, travel, food, and pets.

How to submit: Send a query and the first ten pages of your ms pasted into the body of the e-mail to penny [at] with the word “Query” in the subject line. Please query only one project at a time and do not send unsolicited attachments.

About Penny: While completing degrees in Linguistics and Japanese Language & Literature at the University of Georgia, she spent time studying comparative literature at top universities in Japan and South Korea. She then spent time as a middle school TESOL teacher, a period during which she grew to love and understand the children’s book market.

TIP From Fine Print Literary:  remember publishing IS A BUSINESS.

Publishers of all stripes are looking for the BEST books, by writers they can turn into commercial successes. After admiring the craft of a writer, an editor’s next questions are: Who is going to buy this book? How many copies of this book will we be able to sell? And how prepared and skilled is the author in helping us promote and sell this book?

Whether you are a writer of fiction or nonfiction you need to be able to answer those questions.

Talk tomorrow,


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