Posted by: Kathy Temean | May 26, 2015

OwlKids Books



Owlkids publishes entertaining, unique, high-quality books and magazines that nurture the potential of children and instill in them a love of reading and learning — about themselves and the world around them.

With numerous books and three magazines covering various age groups, Owlkids’ publications reach more than one million youngsters and their parents every year.

Owlkids Books

With engaging writing, bold graphics, and the best children’s authors, books from Owlkids are loved by parents, teachers, librarians, and — most importantly — kids! In 2008, Owlkids acquired the children’s book publisher Maple Tree Press, adding over one hundred award-winning titles to our library.

For a full list of Owlkids Books titles, click here.

Books Sample 2

Owlkids Magazines


Chirp’s innovative package of stories, puzzles, and activities is designed for 3- to 6-year-old children. The pages of Chirp are filled with lively illustrations and colorful photographs that encourage readers to laugh and learn.


chickaDEE is a fun, hands-on magazine for 6- to 9-year-old kids whose thirst for knowledge and appetite for humor are insatiable. Interactive stories, puzzles, comics, animal features, and science experiments educate and entertain readers.


OWL, for 9- to 13- year olds, provides readers with timely, reliable, and relevant information on the topics and issues that concern them — everything from sports and the environment to pop culture and peer relationships.

For more information, visit

Submission Guidelines:

Please have a look through our website and/or catalog to familiarize yourself with our list in order to better direct your submission. We welcome book ideas for children ages 2 to 13.

Owlkids Books is currently looking for graphic novels, activity, non-fiction, and picture book manuscripts.

For submissions of works longer than just a few pages, please only send a query letter and a few sample pages, not the entire work. Please describe your writing background and credentials in an accompanying cover letter. We are unable to comment editorially on the manuscript unless we are considering it for publication.

If you wish to have your manuscript considered for publication, please mail it to our office (address below) along with a self-addressed, stamped return envelope. (Note that U.S. postage is not valid in Canada. International Postage Coupons, available from the post office, should be used for international mailing.) The package should be marked to the attention of Submissions Editor. Please do not include any original art or irreplaceable material.

Should we find that your manuscript or proposal does not suit our publishing requirements, a response and your material will be returned to you if you have included a SASE. We receive a number of manuscripts each day and so we ask for your patience in awaiting our response. The review period is usually 12 to 16 weeks.

All submissions may be mailed to:

Owlkids Books
c/o Submissions Editor
10 Lower Spadina Ave., Suite 400
Toronto, ON M5V 2Z2

All inquiries in regard to submissions may be sent to

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Thanks for an informative post! Any info on illustration submissions?


  2. In the past, Owl preferred Canadian-authored submissions. Has this changed?


    • I didn’t call them, but it appeared that it has changed when I went through their authors and illustrators.



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