Posted by: Kathy Temean | May 24, 2015

DreamQuestOne Poetry & Writing Contest is now accepting entries!‏


The above illustration was sent in from Craig Orback. He was featured on Illustrator Saturday. Click here to see more of his work.

This is DreamQuest One’s 10th year of inspiring, motivating and encouraging anyone having the desire or love of poetry and writing, to continue doing so without fear of failure or success. We are now accepting entries in our Summer 2015 competition at Dream Quest One. We hope you are still writing and artistically creating with passion and enthusiastically driven from your heart & mind to pen and paper. Enter your best poems and/or short stories for a chance to win cash prizes totaling $1275.00!

How to Enter Your Poems & Stories!
Write a poem, thirty lines or fewer on any subject, style, or form, typed or neatly hand printed.

And/or write a story, five pages maximum length, on any subject or theme, fiction or non-fiction (including essay compositions, diary, journal entries and screenwriting). Also, all entries must be either typed or legibly hand printed.

Multiple and simultaneous poetry and short story entries are accepted.

Postmark deadline: July 31, 2015

All contest winners will be published online in the Dare to Dream pages, on September 26, 2015.


Writing First Prize is $500.

Second: $250.

Third: $100.


Poetry First Prize is $250.

Second: $125.

Third: $50.

Entry fees: $10 per story, $5 per poem

To send entries: Include title(s) with your story (ies) or poem(s), along with your name, address, phone#, email, brief biographical info. (Tell us a little about yourself), on the coversheet. Add a self-addressed stamped envelope for entry confirmation. Fees payable to: “DREAMQUESTONE.COM”

Mail to:

Dream Quest One

Poetry & Writing Contest

P.O. Box 3141

Chicago, IL 60654

Visit for details on how to enter!

No one who achieves success does so without acknowledging the help of others. The wise and confident acknowledge this help with gratitude. “And remember, in whatever you do, it’s okay to dream, for dreams do come true.” –Dream Quest One

Attention! You may submit previously published poems and stories or even those pieces you’ve written and put away in a drawer or somewhere just gathering dust. You’ll never know if you have the winning verse or spent yarn, if you don’t enter.
~Andre L. West, Editor

Enter Now! for a chance to win cash prizes totaling $1275, and have your poem or short story published in the Dare to Dream pages! Please visit our “Poetry Place” and “Write This Way” pages to read the contest winners archives of excellent poems and prose written by people like you, who really enjoy writing and daring to make their dreams a reality. Until then, I will be looking forward to seeing your entries in the contest soon. Have a fantastic day!

How to enter, visit:

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Great info, thanks for sharing 🙂


  2. Sounds like a great contest, Kathy. And Craig’s art is wonderful. 🙂


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