Posted by: Kathy Temean | May 6, 2015

A Heart Felt Thank You

erikaphoto-45Erika Wassall, the Jersey Farm Scribe here with…

A Heart Felt Thank You

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support with my last post, A Personal Story of Successes and Hurdles.

For those who didn’t read it, it was about how I was asked to write a book on bees for an educational publisher, and how my cloud-nine excitement was sidelined by an abrupt obstacle. I got some eye-opening feedback from my editor.

I was hesitant to even write the post, partially because my emotions were still raw. But also partially because it felt so personal, and a part of me said… why would anyone want to hear about YOUR situation????

But, in the end, I decided that using personal experiences is such an important part of the writing process, and this was such a poignant moment in my own writing journey, that it simply needed to be written.

And I can’t tell you how glad I am that I did.

The responses from all of you, your support in the comments section and otherwise, it just meant SO much to me. And I thought it was important to give my ever so humbled and heartfelt thanks.

I think we’ve all felt the effects of “writing in a silo” so to speak. In fact, writing not being a “group activity” might even be part of what draws us to it.

Me?   Well, I’m a bit odd. (or at least I like to think so!) While I love the energy of other people, I also instinctively seek out solitary activities (farms, open fields, my garden etc… maybe even with a notepad in hand!). If I lived in a place where I had to drive 45 minutes to get to the nearest store, that would be fine with me!

Outside of my writing work, I have a business I run via the computer and I spend the majority of the rest of my time working around the farm. In fact, I’ve had days where I’ve suddenly realized “huh, I haven’t left the property at all in almost a full week!”

That also means that there is not the same natural camaraderie that someone else may have with their own co-workers.

BUT, that doesn’t mean we don’t have support systems and networks of people by our side!

Boy did you guys show me that!

When I checked the website a bit later in the day and I saw all your kind words… I cannot tell you what it did for me, not only as a person, but as a writer. It reminded me that we’re all in this together. We celebrate together, and when we’re knocked down, we help pick each other back up.

I needed those reminders!

Your congratulations reminded me of how much I had to be grateful and excited about. And your understanding of my roller coaster of events spurred me on!

I won’t lie…. I still procrastinated another day or two before diving into my re-write. But dive in it did!!

To snag a saying I love that I’ve heard Jill Corcoran (among others) say, this wasn’t just revisions. This was complete re-imaginings!!! The end product was an entirely different book.

And you know what? I genuinely love this one even more.

Part of that love can undoubtedly be attributed to my own pride to not only have landed the contract, but to have gotten back up after a tough editor response, got over my initial emotions, (stopped feeling sorry for myself), brushed myself off and got back on the horse.

And darn it, Helen was right, once I got over it and put them on… I DID look snazzy in my big-girl boots!! 😉

So to keep you all posted, while I have not heard back from my editor yet, my new draft has been recently sent.

And yes, I’m anxious to hear once again.

And yes, I’m still having those daydreams where he emails me back to tell me that it’s perfect.

And yup, no question about it… I’m back to refreshing my email ever 47-seconds again. (it’s down from 75 seconds… how did I wait that long before???)

BUT, there really is a difference this time. This time, I know that no matter what the reaction is, it’ll all just part of the process. It’s a part of this wonderful road I have chosen. It’s a part of being a writer.

So thank you all. Thank you for taking the time to read my little quips and thoughts on writing. Thank you for being so supportive with your comments to my own situation. Thank you for being an important part of my network, a part of my writing world.

Thank you so much for all being a part of what reminds me that no matter what, at the end of the day…

…. Our manuscripts are worth it.


Erika Wassall is a writer, a farmer and a liver of life. She is a member of SCBWI and a proud Mad Scientist, bringing science experiments right into children’s classrooms, and hearts. She has a small farm in New Jersey with sheep, chickens, pigs and vegetables. Check out her new website at where as a first generation farmer, she often takes the long way, learning the tricks of the trade on The Farm. On her website is also The Shop page with tips and a free Q/A from her husband’s mechanic shop, and The Writer page where she shares stories, experiences and characters from the heart. Follow her on Twitter at @NJFarmScribe. She’d love to hear from you!

Thank you Erika for another great post – Congratulations!

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Reblogged this on Human Relationships.


  2. Gratitude is an amazing portal to the world of unlimited potential. Feel you on loving the serenity of peaceful living while ensuring I also stay in a support network. PS my family are bee farmers in south africa. I am just busy doing my brothers website for the products. Will follow you to keep connection. Thanks Human Relationships for the reblog


  3. All the best with the rewrite results, Erika!


  4. I wish you luck and success…you will prevail! Thanks for sharing your journey. It IS an inspiration for us all.


  5. Good luck, Erika. We’re rooting for you! And thanks for reminding us that all those roadblocks and obstacles aren’t just put there to frustrate us but to make our writing better.


  6. Thanks so much for sharing your writing journey, Erika! I was so moved by your post – been there – and am pulling for you 100%! Good luck!


  7. Yup, writing is a lonesome business. What a blessing to have the support of fellow scribes! I know how awful it feels when you write something you think is spot on, and find out you’re way off base; not even in the ballpark. You did the right thing…wallow in self pity, and then hoist yourself back to the computer and get back to typing. Congrats on the rewrite! (Whatever the result.)


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