Posted by: Kathy Temean | March 30, 2015

Kudos! YAY!

karen fortunati2I’m so excited to congratulate one of our Avalon Writer’s Retreat attendees, Karen Fortunati on her great news. This past week editor Kate Sullivan at Delacorte, acquired via exclusive submission, Karen’s book, The Weight of Zero. So happy that Karen is getting a chance to work with Kate – Kate’s great!

This is Karen’s debut YA book.  Her agent Sara Megibow at KT Literary sold world English rights. Publication is planned for fall 2016.

The story follows Cath, a teenager with bipolar disorder who is contemplating suicide, and her march towards – and struggle to recognize – better mental health, supported by a network of family, doctors, and friends. 

Then after hearing from Karen, I receive an email from Anita Nolan pointing out the New York Time Top Ten Best Selling Picture Books and there at number ten is my friend Ame Dyckman for her book WOLFIE.

YAY! Ame.

Here is the Link:

Love when great things happen to nice people. Congratulations – Karen and Ame!

If you have a success story you would like announced, please let me know.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Beautiful pic 🙂 🙂


  2. A BIG Congrats, to Karen and Ame! Way to go, ladies! And Ame, I’m SO not surprised. Of COURSE your Wolfie would be topping the charts 😉


  3. Thanks so much and a humongous hug to Kathy!! Wouldn’t be here without all your help!!


  4. Great Congratulations Karen! We were in the same group at Avalon with your YA about an enchanted carousel horse. Kathy’s right- you are one of the nice ones and talented! And Kathy, thank you for Avalon.


  5. Yay Karen and Ame is right! What great news for both.


  6. Congratulations to Karen and Ame! And to think I knew them when…:>)


  7. Congratulations, ladies! Well deserved! 🙂


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