Posted by: Kathy Temean | February 18, 2015

Egmont’s Last Published List



It is very sad that Egmont is closed it’s doors at the end of January, leaving the following authors and book to fend for themselves. It is hard to image how the authors feel. Your book finally comes out and your publisher dissolves. You might want to lend a hand to see if you would be interested in reading any from the list below:

1/06 – Hissy Fitz by Patrick Jennings

1/27 – Tear You Apart by Sarah Cross

February Releases

2/10 – White Space (paperback) by Ilsa J. Bick

2/10 – The Jaguar Stones 4: The Lost City by J&P Voelkel

March Releases

3/10 – The Dickens Mirror by Ilsa J. Bick

3/24 – Odd, Weird & Little (paperback) by Patrick Jennings

3/31 – Anywhere but Paradise by Anne Bustard

April Releases

4/14 – The Shadow Prince (paperback) by Bree Despain

4/14 – Burn Out (paperback) by Kristi Helvig

4/14 – Seaborne: The Lost Prince by Matt Myklusch

4/21 – Good Crooks 3: Sniff a Skunk! by Mary Amato

4/28 – The Eternity Key by Bree Despain

4/28 – Strange Skies by Kristi Helvig

4/28 – Valiant by Sarah McGuire

“Preorders and word of mouth are the two most important things to any author. They are gold,” says Bree Despain. “Posting reviews on Goodreads and Amazon is very helpful and appreciated. I’ve heard that a book needs at least 20 reviews on Amazon before it is entered into an algorithm that will make it more visible to potential buyers on the site. If you want to see more from any author you love, preordering their book is one of the best things you can do. As us orphaned authors start looking for new publishers, having strong numbers will help us make the transition. If you aren’t in the position to buy a book, that’s totally okay. Requesting the book at your local library or giving the book a shout out is also very helpful.”

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  1. I am very glad you wrote about this. When I read about Egmont’s closing, I felt so sad. Long live Egmont!


  2. Thanks for this list, Kathy. I see a name or two that I didn’t realize had been affected and I’ll definitely reach out to those authors (and buy the books!)


  3. Thanks for this list. I’ve ordered a few books and reposted the list on my blogs, and I hope these writers land on their feet. This must be so stressful for them.


  4. I heard about Egmont USA closing and it really saddened me 😦


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