Posted by: Kathy Temean | December 20, 2014

Illustrator Saturday – Santa Favorites

I thought this Saturday I’d bring you some of the Santa’s from past Illustrator Saturdays. Remember that not every illustrator has done an illustration of Santa. I am sure I missed some Santa’s, so if you were featured on Illustrator Saturday and have a Santa that you would like me to add, please email me with the illustration and I will add it to the celebration of Santa.


Yvonne Gilbert


David Thorn Wenzel –


Glenn Zimmer –

ruthsantacircling house

Ruth Sanderson –


Ruth Sanderson –


Michele Noiset –


David Harrington –


Micheal Garland –


Yvonne Gilbert


Carlyn Beccia –

santa running

Michele Noiset –

dillardsanta bear tree

Sarah Dillard –


Michael Garland –


Ruth Sanderson –

Karen Romagna Santa_&_Lamb_For_Prints

Karen Romagna –


Shawna JC Tenney –


Susan Detwiler –

eberzSanta small

This Santa was done by Robert Eberz. Robert will be featured on Illustrator Saturday in January, so check back for more.

Merry Christmas! Remember that I will be posting Christmas poems on Christmas Day, so if you have a Christmas poem, please email it to me.

Talk tomorrow,




  1. It’s amazing all the different depictions. I would guess Santa is probably the most illustrated fiction characer ever! LOVE all the illustrations 🙂

  2. Love these!

  3. these are such fun! some from our past and some lovely and new….thanks for including our Michele Noiset! 😉

  4. Just like the collection of Santa ornaments on my tree, there are so many wonderful variations on a familiar figure. So well done!

  5. Wow! What a fabulous collection of Santas!! Love these, thanks for sharing

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