Posted by: Kathy Temean | December 14, 2014

Publishing Industry J.K. Rowling


Todays illustration was submitted by Barbara DiLorenzo who was featured on Illustrator Saturday April 14, 2012. Barbara is an author/Illustrator and her first picture book titled Renato and the Lion will be released by Viking in 2016. Very Exciting. Congratulations, Barbara!  

David Caruba sent me an note saying that PW reported that one of the publishers will be publishing J.K. Rowling’s commencement address at Harvard University in book form. He looked it up on the Interent and her speech is on You Tube (it’s posted in its entirety) and it’s really great. Funny, moving, shocking, sincere–everything that makes her a wonderful author. Thanks David for sharing your find.


Talk tomorrow,



  1. Ah, Kathy, yes…I saw this video for the first time shortly after it was released! I’ll eventually be posting it on my blog at some point,too, ’cause I love it so much. The woman is amazing in so many ways, for sure. In fact, I’m presently rereading the whole series, now into “Goblet” and loving it since I haven’t read it since the release of “Hallows.” I LOVE that they’re publishing it in BOOK form, too! Yay!


  2. Btw, love the illustration, too! I’m thinking that particular lion is Patience, not Fortitude 😉


  3. Oh my, I just watched JK Rowling’s address now and it was wonderful! She seems like such a wise, insightful, wonderful person! I will definitely be buying a copy of this book.


  4. When I saw this image I thought of a picture book called The Stone Lion by Margaret Wild, which was released last year I think. Barbara’s book looks lovely as well.


    • I look forward to reading “The Stone Lion.” I haven’t seen it yet. Thank you for the kind words.


      • I’m very excited for you, Barbara and I can’t wait to read your book one day. Well done.


  5. Kathy, thank you so much for including my illustration today! Thank you for supporting new writers and illustrators–it means so much to me. Happy holidays!


  6. Very gorgeous illustration, Barbara! I love it!


  7. Hmmm, am I the only one who notices it’s snowing in this blog?


    • hehehe…I love it, David 😀 WordPress controls the weather on all the WordPress blogs and I love the ambiance it creates. I smile every time I see it, including on my own blogs. I wish they did it longer than they do though! After all, it’s only flurries AND—no need to shovel! 😀


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