Posted by: Kathy Temean | October 26, 2014

Call For Illustrations – Halloween Poems – Kudos

CALL FOR ILLUSTRATIONS: Please email to me any illustrations (at least 500 pixels wide) you think I could use with November and December posts. It is a nice way to keep your name out in the public. Please make sure you include a short blurb about yourself with your website link.

DO YOU HAVE A HALLOWEEN POEM? I will be posting an Halloween poem from Eileen Spinelli on Thursday this week and will post a few other Halloween poems that same day, if I receive any. I need them by 5 pm on Wednesday in order to post for Thursday.


Hallee Adelman and Gayle Aanensen

Hallee Adelman is represented by Jill Corcorcan.

Gayle Aanensen has a new book titled, Greater than Gold. It is coming out next month for the holidays.


Lexa Hillyer reveals the cover of PROOF ABOUT FOREVER that is coming out June 2, 2015.

At Harper Children’s, Karen Chaplin has been promoted to senior editor, In addition, Alex Arnold has been promoted to assistant editor, Katherine Tegen Books.

At Carina Press, Kerri Buckley has been promoted to senior editor.

At HarperCollins Children’s, Christopher Hernandez and Stephanie Stein have been promoted to associate editor, while Alice Jerman moves up to assistant editor.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Hallee and Gayle, way to go!!!! 😀 😀 😀


    • Donna,

      Aren’t both of those pictures great?



      • Yes, I think they are! Great author portraits, right? Well, I actually know Hallee and wouldn’t expert her to look anything but beautiful anyway 🙂


  2. I have a poem I wrote for a Halloween photo album I created several years ago. I could send that if you want. If so, where do I send it?


  3. I just shared this, Kathy…thanks for always providing a platform for writers and illustrators to show their work. Question: if we have a poem, do we email it to you?


    • Vivian,

      Yes, send it to me, then I will include it for Thursday’s post. Look forward to reading it. Thanks!



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