Posted by: Kathy Temean | July 11, 2014

Free Fall Friday – Kudos


Here is another fabulous illustration from the NJSCBWI Artist Showcase done by Doris Ettlinger. Doris has illustrated over 25 picture books, you can visit her at:, facebook/dorisettlingerstudio, and etsy/DorisEttlingerStudio

Anna Olswanger has opened her own agency. Olswanger Literary LLC. People can visit my page at:

Illustrator Hazel Mitchel signed a contract to be represented by Literary Agent, Ginger Knowlton of Curtis Brown Ltd., New York City

Illustrator Michelle Kogan has Two Paintings on Exhibit at the United States Botanic Garden, DC through November 2014. They are Wildlife Comes to Lake Shore Drive and Rogers Park Dunes Restoration and Piping Plover, watercolor and watercolor pencil.

Amalia Hoffman won the 21st century Children’s Nonfiction Conference Illustration Award in June.

If you sent me a success story and I didn’t put it up, please send it again to me. The last month has been extremely busy and I feel like I missed someone.


Remember, Agent Jenny Bent is doing four of our first page critiques this month. Below are the guidelines:

Here are the submission guidelines for submitting a First Page in July:

Please “July First Page Critique” in the subject line. Please make sure you include your name, the title of the piece, and whether it is as picture book, middle grade, or young adult, etc. at the top.

Please attach your first page submission using one inch margins and 12 point font – double spaced, no more than 23 lines to an e-mail and send it to: kathy(dot)temean(at)gmail(dot)com. Also cut and paste it into the body of the e-mail and then also attach it in a Word document to the email.

DEADLINE: July 24th.

RESULTS: August 1st.

Use inch margins – double space your text – 12 pt. New Times Roman font – no more than 23 lines – paste into body of the email

You can only send in one first page each month. It can be the same first page each month or a different one, but if you sent it to me last month and it didn’t get chosen, you need to send it again using the July’s directions. Of course, it doesn’t have to be the same submission.

Talk tomorrow,



  1. Wow, congrats, everyone!

    And, Doris…you do such beautiful work 🙂


  2. I absolutely love Doris’ illustration!!! Congratulations to everyone on their accomplishments.


  3. I LOVE Doris’s watercolor artworks! It was such a humbling and learning experience to see her do a demo at the NJ SCBWI conference. She was so mild-mannered and very relaxing to talk to. So wonderful.


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