Posted by: Kathy Temean | July 6, 2014

Schoolwide Submission & TeenSpeak Novel Workshop &

The art show exhibit continues with this illustration created by Rebecca Caridad. Hope some of you get to enjoy the sun, sand, and fun by the ocean. Here is Rebecca’s link:

Back in April I had a post about Schoolwide, for submissions:

Susan Tierney is the Acquisitions and Development Editor at Schoolwide, Inc. She contacted me saying they are still receiving submissions, but they have updated their policy and would like authors to submit their work to us via their submissions manager, at Authors should no longer email Susan directly with submissions. You need to use their our website. Manuscripts are uploaded directly into their database and enter the editorial review process from there.

Illustrators who wish to contact Susan may continue to do so, providing links to their portfolios, and an idea of their fees if possible, at Susan’s Schoolwide email address:

They are currently looking to build a network of illustrators for their new digital K-8 library, for everything from picture books and story art to spot illustrations, from project – based arrangements to royalties.

I know many of you have teens who want to write and are encouraging them to do so. Here is a Novel Workshop on the West Coast whose purpose is to foster our future authors. Here is the information:

TeenSpeak Novel Workshop

Convenes October 17-19, 2014 in coastal Santa Cruz, CA.


TeenSpeak offers a rare opportunity for international teens to interact with top level East Coast editors and agents, and adults who write for the teen/tween market. Open to 10 teens in an intimate setting, the event dovetails with 20 supportive adults in a concurrent, partly overlapping workshop.


FACULTY: Core teen instructor is Helen Pyne, MFA (Vermont College of Fine Arts), a former Doubleday children’s/YA book editor. Along with adult enrollees, teens enjoy novelcrafting sessions with Knopf Associate Publishing Director Melanie Cecka (also an award-winning children’s book author) and agent Scott Treimel (former children’s book editor), president of Scott Treimel New York. 


CONTENT: TeenSpeak workshop focuses on craft through dramatic improv and other vehicles. Teens receive in-person, mini critiques with editor and agent—and full critiques from their own instructor, and volunteer adult enrollees.


In reciprocity, teens offer adults target-reader feedback. After teens edit selected adults’ partial and full novels, they hear our editor and agent critique the same manuscripts. Lively discussion follows, for the benefit of all: “I loved the teens’ insights at this workshop,” says ErinClarke, executive editor atKnopf Children’s Books. Well before the event, teens are offered tools to sharpen their critiquing skills, and may be paid for a job well done.


FEE: $549 covers up to three nights’ beachfront condo lodging with chaperone, kid-friendly meals, all critiques, and focus sessions.


TeenSpeak Scholarship Fund: This year’s donations will honor renowned children’s author, Elaine Marie Alphin. Teens (and adults) will apply exercises in her book, Creating Characters Kids Will Love. To contribute any amount to support a young person passionate about writing, contact us via the website, where you’ll find mixed testimonials from scholarship beneficiaries and other enthusiastic teens. (Alternately, ask about possible jobs for teens or parents, or split payments.) Teens appreciate your generous donation!


ENROLLING: Recommended enrollment date for maximum options: July 20. Details and contact: FOR TEENS). TeenSpeak is an outgrowth of the Pacific Coast Children’s Writers Workshop, established 2003. Don’t delay; we fill fast!


“At these two workshops, I learned to create realistic characters and got tips
on my college essays. It’s exciting to know there’s a job market out there
for something I love so much!”— Jacqueline, age 17 (now at Stanford)

Talk tomorrow,



  1. I’m loving revisiting all the conference illustrations through your posts, Kathy 🙂 And thanks for all this info!


  2. This October will be my sixth year of attending the adult counterpart of this workshop. I love it!!! Having the teens there is a great addition and benefits everyone — teens and adults alike.


    • Carol,

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us.



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