Posted by: Kathy Temean | June 26, 2014

Agent Survey Question: Some Answers

Again I don’t have time to work on a separate post for todays blog, so here is a slide with some of answers to a question I asked in the Agent Survey I conducted with 18 agents in the industry. No, I can’t share who said what.
query slide

Talk tomorrow,



  1. The huge influx is cringe-worthy and quite sobering, don’t you think? But if they’re by email, I still think a couple of clicks to send a form rejection is possible rather than no response.


  2. Wow. Those stats are certainly overwhelming.


  3. This is a GREAT post. So simple and poignant.

    It’s both sobering and encouraging at the same time. That’s a LOT of submissions to go through. I actually find it very impressive that they ACTUALLY go through that many. And obviously they do, because although the numbers are small, there are still those that ARE accepted.


  4. Makes the whole process seem daunting. That’s one of the reasons why groups like SCBWI and the conferences open the doors a bit wider and make the odds a bit more favorable. Writing the BEST we can is still the only sure bet.


  5. Yikes. Sobering–but like Darlene said, it pays to be a part of SCBWI!


  6. Mathematically speaking, 0.01% is still more than 0 though!


  7. Life’s too short. I’m going Createspace.


    • Those numbers do sound discouraging, but when you look deeper, they aren’t as bad as they first look.
      Just make sure you have your book edited and you get someone to design a great cover before you self-publish and you should be fine. I’ll be talking about how to sell more books at the conference. I’ll try to share this later.



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